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Coegil connects decision makers, analysts, and research providers with the research and expertise they need to make great decisions quickly

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Great things do come in small packages

The first Data Lake as-a-Service product combined with a Research Workbench, AI-driven Compliance, & Research Marketplace to kick-off your research effort the right way.

Find your insights now…Build a tech team later

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Transform your research effort

Coegil makes research easy and you don’t need a tech team to get started.

Working on a spreadsheet or running a big data job in the cloud are both easy with Coegil.  Get your personal Data Lake in seconds and use your favorite analytical tools.

Big data & machine-learning has never been easier.

For Asset Managers & Research Consumers

Don’t spend time on building your data infrastructure.  Coegil provides you with your own Data Lake in seconds and it augments your existing infrastructure.

Take a modern approach to compliance & reputational risk. Coegil uses machine-learning & AI to make compliance painless.

Make investment decisions faster & better with collaboration & process-optimization.

Maintain your quantamental edge with Coegil.

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For Alternative Data & Research Providers

Create high-quality research with ease.  Coegil makes it easy to organize & leverage your vast research inventory to produce bespoke research in seconds.

Give your research a modern look with Coegil Stream.  Now your research is delivered in seconds to customers and looks amazing.

Take control of your marketing effort and get paid in minutes through Coegil’s marketplace.  Consumers can even use their CSA & RPA accounts to purchase.

Spend less time growing revenue, More time building your next insight

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The Coegil Difference


Our integrated platform removes time wasted tabbing between applications, copying-pasting your work, and struggling to keep your artifacts organized.


You can store your petabyte dataset alongside your spreadsheets & reports. Take advantage of data science tools only available in the cloud while we ensure your work is secure.


We can interface with your in-house compliance systems or use our research prime brokers to take the compliance burden off your shoulders.

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