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Coegil connects decision makers, analysts, and research providers with the research and expertise they need to make great decisions quickly

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The only application a research analysts needs

A one-stop shop where analysts can spend hours each day organizing and collaborating on their research.

A research workbench designed for the analyst experience

Get the power of six products for the affordable price of just one.  Stop wasting time tabbing between apps and copy/pasting your work.

Spend more time finding your next insight

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For Research & Data Providers

Securely store your research with ease. We put you in the driver’s seat to sell and distribute your research.

Connect with new research consumers and generate more revenue with Coegil.

Feel Organized without the Effort

For Research Analysts

Easily organize your research while leveraging your past work to produce new insights faster. Make your research stand out.

Collaborating with colleagues is a button-click away with Coegil.

Get Recognized for Your Insights

For Portfolio Managers & Decision Makers

Quickly find research that meets your investment needs. You can now consume even more research quickly and retake control of your email inbox.

Make more impactful investment decisions on-the-go with Coegil.

Discover and Consume Research on Your Terms

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The Coegil Difference


Our integrated platform removes time wasted tabbing between applications, copying-pasting your work, and struggling to keep your artifacts organized.


You can store your petabyte dataset alongside your spreadsheets & reports. Take advantage of data science tools only available in the cloud while we ensure your work is secure.


We can interface with your in-house compliance systems or use our research prime brokers to take the compliance burden off your shoulders.

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