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Coegil is the first platform that connects you to the research and expertise you need to make great decisions quickly.

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Driving the time from Insight to Action down to Zero.

Our goal is to connect you directly to the people and research you need to make high-confidence decisions faster than you ever have before, while seamlessly integrating with the way you work every day. We provide you with real-time insights and collaboration tools through a social-network environment and marketplace. Coegil puts an end to the antiquated PDF research report - no more paper!

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Coegil brings decision makers and research together using cutting-edge technology.

Research Management Application

Coegil’s easy-to-use client interface allows you to capture your ideas and to search for the data & research you want, on your terms. For the first time, you are placed in the driver’s seat of research with access anytime & anywhere.

Research Marketplace

Alternative data and research help turn insights into action. Our proprietary algorithms connect you to data & research providers quickly and allow you to make confident purchases that provide ROI.

Data Science Factory

Get access to alternative data and research with near-zero latency. Coegil’s research products are easily searchable and quickly delivered to accelerate your decision-making process.

Research Inventory

Coegil takes securing your insights and intellectual property as a trust we won’t break. Rest assured that we track and record every access and modification to your inventory.


Transparency is the key to making great decisions. Coegil is built on a backbone of blockchain technology to ensure the information’s origin and security while protecting the confidentiality of market participants.

The Coegil Difference

Research & Expertise Combined

The only platform combining the research you need and the data science expertise to make use of that research.

Connect Ideas to Action

A platform designed for decision-makers, Coegil instantly connects your innovative ideas to research that is already being done in our marketplace or in your own firm.

Custom Defined Research

Be as active in the research process as you like. Request specific research to support novel ideas that you can’t find from existing research providers.

Start Making Great Decisions