Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights with AI

Coegil is an all-in-one platform designed for your entire AI journey, including storage, automated processing, advanced analytics, predictive models, custom micro-apps and Generative AI copilots. Leverage our on-demand expertise to fill gaps in your team or help them scale to tackle your next project.

Empowering diverse teams of decision makers, analysts, and AI experts to meaningfully work with data, collaborate, and spend more time producing AI results for their businesses. Experience a new era of AI-driven insights and decision-making with Coegil.

AI Operating System for Data-Driven Businesses

Coegil AI OS streamlines the complexities of the AI landscape, removing the need for multiple vendor selections, extensive expertise, and long-term commitments. Enjoy accelerated delivery, condensing weeks or months-long projects into minutes.

Experience the transformative impact of high-quality AI solutions on your business-critical initiatives. Coegil eradicates risks typically associated with AI projects to guarantee competitive results.

AI Augmentation

Enhance your team's performance by seamlessly integrating data and AI into your workflows. Experience a unified, single-pane-of-glass environment that makes AI effortless.

Unrivaled Organization

Bring structure to your data chaos. Organize sheets, documents, databases, machine learning models, automation pipelines, and live dashboards efficiently in our intuitive datarooms.

Enterprise Quality

Employ production-grade security, comprehensive version control, and vigilant compliance monitoring to ensure your intellectual property always remains protected and private.

Proven Expertise

Leverage our rich heritage of over 25 years of invaluable experience from Wall Street's demanding and fast-paced financial services sector to upskill your team overnight.


Explore Our Results

Providing a comprehensive AI toolset designed for experts yet intuitively accessible for end users.

Harness Sophisticated AI for Business Success

Coegil delivers tailored AI solutions, including Generative AI, ready to be customized to your unique business needs – no machine learning skills required. Experience the power of advanced deep-learning technology utilized by industry titans like Amazon, Apple, Meta, and more.

A Comprehensive Data Science Solution

Leverage pre-built AI solutions to answer critical business queries, from customer segmentation & personalized digital experiences to file-to-text and image processing, keyword extraction & sentiment analysis, fraud prevention & loss-given default predictions, and seasonally-adjusted forecasting. With Coegil, it’s like having your own data science team in a box.

Uncover Insights Swiftly – No Data Science Expertise Required

Coegil equips you with a complete suite of machine-learning tools to unlock your data’s potential. Enhance your team’s capabilities with industry-leading automation and machine learning algorithms that fast-track ROI. Benefit from expert assistance at every stage of your AI journey.

Empower Every Use Case with Tailored Machine Learning Models

Coegil offers scalable compute capacity, pre-installed with top-tier ML tools, automatically tailored to match your AI needs. Ensure trust and repeatability through comprehensive version control of data, models, and results. Experience a seamless ML journey from training to deployment and monitoring.

Quickly Get answers from your data to your team

Coegil provides a broad set of charts, dashboards, and micro-apps, enabling organizations of all sizes to explore and visualize their data. Build live dashboards and custom micro-applications to go where traditional BI cannot. Quickly integrate your data warehouse and BI tools. Analytics & BI Features

Elevate Your Business with Advanced Analytics

Design pixel-perfect dashboards and real-time micro-apps powered by your data and models efficiently. Leverage the most comprehensive analytics suite to transform into a truly data-driven organization. Foster a culture of curiosity and collaboration with insightful storytelling and data exploration.

Hassle-Free, Modern Infrastructure

Coegil offers extensive purpose-built datastores for rapid storage, growth, and delivery. With Coegil, seamlessly extend your existing infrastructure or establish a solid initial foundation. Free your teams from the intricacies of cloud administration, enabling them to focus on value-added work.

Affordable, Scalable Platform for All

Experience the robustness of an enterprise-grade big data infrastructure without the exorbitant cost. Coegil’s platform scales effortlessly to accommodate even the most complex workloads, extending your business capabilities. Tackle technology challenges confidently, and never let potential hurdles slow your progress.
Custom Insights in Minutes, Not Days or Weeks

How Does Coegil Work

Communicate your AI needs, furnish your data from any format or source, and actively provide iterative feedback.

Load and Clean Your Data

We integrate applications and data sources, upload spreadsheets & documents, and enrich data with public & private datasets. Experience the creation of purpose-built databases that mirror your business, ready within minutes.

Uncover Actionable Insights

We produce a curated set of dashboards and machine-learning models that directly address your AI requirements. Utilize an array of tools such as Python, R, Jupyter, Visual Studio Code, Excel, and Tableau for a comprehensive exploration of results.

Automate AI Results

We automate AI results tailored to your business needs and are ready for seamless integration. Benefit from AI applications customized for your team and built with cutting-edge tools from leading tech giants like OpenAI, Meta, Amazon, and more.

Awards & Accreditations

Proud to have been recognized for our innovative work in AI and
our commitment to high levels of security and confidentiality in handling customer data.

2020 Best Startups - CT Silicon Harbor
SOC2 Type II Certification
2021 Best Startups - CT Silicon Harbor

What Our Clients Say

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Coegil.
Their feedback fuels our drive for continuous innovation and improvement.


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An Edition to Fit Every Need

Coegil offers various options, each designed to meet a specific set of needs and scale with your business.
Whether you’re a startup, an SMB, or a large enterprise, we have a plan that’s just right for you.
Discover our offerings and find your perfect fit.


Start your AI transformation in minutes



  • Personal data lake
  • Automated data processing
  • Machine learning lab
  • Visual Studio Code - Copilot
  • Purpose-built databases
  • Omni-DB query explorer


For teams ready to scale their AI initiatives



  • All Professional features
  • Enhanced datalake
  • Live dashboards
  • Auto-ML & MLOps
  • Compliance & chat
  • API integration
  • Version control & deployment


For sophisticated organizations eager to grow with AI



  • All Team features
  • Ultra-large CPUs + GPUs
  • Embedded micro-apps
  • Pre-trained AI solutions
  • Tableau integration
  • Dedicated instance option

Experience the Coegil Difference

Our ultimate aim is to empower our customers to transform their businesses through the strategic use of AI.
Supercharge your team with a continuous stream of insights to drive better decisions.

70000 +

Notebook Versions

350000 +

Datasets Produced

2400 +

Models Trained

4000 +

Datarooms Created