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Coegil connects portfolio managers, analysts, and research providers with the research and expertise they need to make great decisions quickly.

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Driving the time from Insight to Action down to Zero.

Our goal is to connect you directly to the people and research you need to make high-confidence decisions faster than you ever have before, while seamlessly integrating with the way you work every day. We provide you with real-time insights and collaboration tools through a two-sided marketplace.

Coegil helps you ingest data & research reliably and securely. You keep using your existing data science tools. When you are ready to share or sell your insights, Coegil makes it easy for decision makers to find and consume it.

Coegil puts an end to the antiquated PDF research report - no more paper!

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Focus on What MATTERS MOST

Coegil is a research management solution and research marketplace seamlessly combined to accelerate your research - designed with the ultimate end user in mind. We are the beginning and the end of your decision-making process.

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Portfolio Managers & Decision Makers

Discover and Consume Research on Your Terms

Coegil helps you quickly find research that meets your investment needs - purchasing is a button-click away. You can now read lots of research quickly and retake control of your email inbox. All this from any device, anywhere and anytime. Make more investment decisions with Coegil.

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Research Analysts

Get Recognized for Your Insights

Coegil helps you quickly organize your research while leveraging your past work. Then easily collaborate with colleagues to ensure you have the best ideas. Purchasing high-quality research & getting feedback from your decision-makers are now a button-click away with Coegil.

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Research & Data Providers

Feel Organized without the Effort

Coegil helps you securely & reliably store your research with ease. Staying organized is simple & intuitive with powerful folders and tags. When you are ready, we put you in the driver's seat to market, sell & distribute your research. Connect with new buyers & generate more revenue with Coegil.

Start Making Great Decisions

Accelerate your research for the low cost of two lattes per month!

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The Coegil Difference

Research & Expertise Combined

The only platform combining the research you need and the data science expertise to make use of that research.

Connect Ideas to Action

A platform designed for decision-makers, Coegil instantly connects your innovative ideas to research that is already being done in our marketplace or in your own firm.

Custom Defined Research

Be as active in the research process as you like. Request specific research to support novel ideas that you can’t find from existing research providers.