Our Solution

One unified platform for data science

  • Machine Learning

  • Dashboards & Explorers

  • Secure Datarooms

  • Big Data Enabled

  • Compliance Certified

  • Source Management

  • Future-Proof Design

  • Data Services



Build Models in Seconds

Start building models with compute environments pre-loaded with the latest data science tools



    Explore Your Results

    Share your analysis using our builtin dashboards and editors made for the most popular data formats



      Stay Organized And Secure

      Store spreadsheets, documents, notebooks, datastores, dashboards, & more all in one location and secure your work with ease



        Work with Big Data

        Move seamlessly between Spreadsheets and huge datasets using our integrated Pandas & PySpark notebooks


          OUR FEATURE

          Stay Compliant

          Coegil takes a radically new approach to compliance. Use our Activity Stream to answer any question with authority and simplicity


            OUR FEATURE

            Manage Your Code

            Boost your productivity & work securely with people outside your team with our innovative source management


              OUR FEATURE

              Stay Competitive

              A fully-managed platform using enterprise-grade cloud solutions without the hassle, high fixed costs or need to hire expertise


                OUR FEATURE

                Expertise for You

                Get on-demand data expertise & support for teams with limited internal data resources for bespoke projects and data operations

                  Made for those on the path from Spreadsheets to Big Data

                  Coegil offers an integrated suite of the best data science tools for your entire research process from data sourcing to model presentation.


                  Coegil is simple to use, uncompromising for quants, ready for big data, compliance-certified, and made for remote teams.


                  We also offer the data expertise you need so you can start making great data-driven decisions immediately.

                  Harness Data

                  Save time loading large spreadsheets or working with your data warehouse

                  Build Models

                  Quickly analyze & make predictions with unlimited compute environments

                  Explore Results

                  Easily collaborate with builtin dashboards and data explorers

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                  Our Clients

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                  HOW COEGIL WORKS

                  Data into Actionable Insights

                  We know big data and data science can be overwhelming - you may not be ready for it. But when you are, Coegil makes your migration seamless. In the meantime, we create an experience friendly to decision makers while not compromising for quants.


                  Install Tools?

                  Never have to install a tool ever again and work from any device, anywhere

                  Organize Research

                  Start by building a secure dataroom and load your documents & spreadsheets

                  Prepare Data

                  Instantly turn spreadsheets in databases or connect to your existing data warehouse

                  Build Models

                  Launch machine learning environments ready to massage your data or make predictions


                  Have your processing done overnight and fuse your models into your business

                  Explore Results

                  See the impact of your research with live dashboards and builtin data explorers

                  FEATURES IN DETAIL

                  Explore Our Solution

                  Machine Learning

                  Launch compute instances pre-configured with the latest data science toolset designed for working with spreadsheets & databases. Includes Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, and more and use our API to interact with your secure data lake.

                  Dashboards & Explorers

                  Bring your insights to life with our builtin dashboards & data explorers - no setup required. Replace your expensive business intelligence tools to collaborate with your extended team.

                  Secure Datarooms

                  Easily store all your data & research in one place - spreadsheets, documents, notebooks, datastores, dashboards, query files & more. Be confident your research is secure with our intuitive access management.

                  Big Data

                  Ready to work with terabyte or petabyte datasets? Launch Map-Reduce clusters intergrated with your PySpark notebooks. Automate your routine data operations in seconds.

                  Source Management

                  Boost your team's productivity using the same source control tools enterprise-level engineers use. Protect your intellectual property when working with those outside your team.

                  Solution Services

                  Work with our hand-picked team of data engineers & scientists on your bespoke projects or hand-off your routine data operations to unlock your team for more impactful assignments.

                  Stay Compliant

                  Know your data, communications, and reputation are always secure, trusted, and SEC-compliant. Use our activity stream to optimize your team's activities, answer compliance inquiries with confidence, & know the lineage of your decisions.

                  Stay Up To Date

                  Never miss an actionable decision with real-time updates sent to your personalized stream. Chat without leaving our app and keep your conversations organized. All data & communications encrypted to protect your privacy.

                  Desktop Sync

                  Make your migration from spreadsheets even easier by saving time uploading & accessing your research from any authorized computer. Keep your workflow unchanged & continue to use your existing desktop tools.

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                  ABOUT COEGIL

                  Making Data Science Simplified

                  Since its inception, Coegil has been helping hedge funds, asset managers, and other data-driven firms overcome the complex challenges of working with alternative data & research and cloud infrastructure.

                  • 25+ years of experience in systematic research & algorithmic execution
                  • Data Engineering, Data Operations, & Financial Engineering
                  • From firms like Bridgewater Associates, UBS, Merrill Lynch, T.Rowe Price

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