Our Vision

Coegil will shape the future of finance by radically improving the ubiquity of independent and co-authored research and by making data science accessible to all regardless of their expertise. Coegil seeks to empower asset managers to ideate and explore on their terms by allowing them to work directly with data science providers and by removing many of the barriers which make this difficult to achieve today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an efficient marketplace for investment professionals, data and analytics providers, and data science practitioners to rapidly evolve their Ideas to Insights to opportunities with near-zero latency, cost and at scale. Ultimately, Coegil will become the Amazon & Uber for the Data Science economy.


Challenges & Opportunity

Existing analytic platforms are closed and have prevented the proliferation of an efficient economy for independent research.  Asset managers and data science providers are separated by a common set of challenges.


Coegil solves these problems by combining familiar consumer user experiences with Wall Street execution while removing the hurdles from building an internal, state-of-the-art research house.  Now investment professionals can manage their cost of ownership and drive return on investment.

Client Interface

  • Desktop, mobile & API access
  • Search, Sample, & Purchase
  • Indicate Interest & Request for Work
  • Manage, Unlock, & Use Product Inventory

Private Exchange

  • Pricing via auction or order mechanics
  • Algos present advertising, recommendations, & product rankings
  • Algos match consumers with qualified providers

Data Science Factory

  • Products shaped via standard & custom pipelines
  • End-user products watermarked & encrypted for delivery
  • Products mapped to an ontological graph for more efficient correlation processing

Asset Inventory

  • Products registered at ingest & Provenance of all changes captured
  • Community incentivized to build connections between products
  • Metrics to measure adjacency and quality


  • Smart Contracts for simple terms & conditions and support micro-payments
  • Capture ownership & chain of custody for data science assets
  • Independent validation of settlement & provenance by authorized 3rd parties
  • Tokens promote the growth of the Coegil ecosystem


Based in Westport, CT, Coegil is founded by former technology leaders, Michael Guadarrama and Sashi Edupuganti, from Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest & most successful hedge fund.

IMG_0281 Michael Guadarrama, Founder & CEO

Michael is a financial industry expert with 20+ years of experience in automated trade execution and systematic research.  He has led teams to build v1.0 front-office platforms in commodities, high-frequency equities, structured credit, fixed income, & currencies at Bridgewater Associates (Trading & Portfolio Management), TRowe Price (Global Head of Investments Technology), HBK Capital (Deputy CTO), UBS, and Enron (EnronOnline).  Michael has a degree in Physics from Caltech and learned his craft at JPL/DARPA.

fullsizeoutput_e Sashi Edupuganti, Cofounder & CTO

Sashi is a technology executive with 20+ years of experience leading Fortune 100 & early-stage companies through dramatic technology innovation.  His expertise is in supply chain and media-at-scale solutions utilizing cloud-first, data processing services.  Sashi has held senior leadership roles at HBO, Bridgewater Associates, and NBCUniversal.  His entrepreneurial streak led him to co-found two startups where he served as CTO and Chief Architect.

Jose Marques, Advisor

With over 20 years of experience in systematic investment management, Jose is founder of Inferent Capital Management, a quantitative hedge fund.  Jose formerly was Head of Trading at Bridgewater Associates and Global Head of Electronic Trading at Deutsche Bank.

Reflective Venture Partners, Seed Investor

Reflective Venture Partners is a privately-held and operated investment fund seeded by the RChain Cooperative. It is committed to strategic partnerships and helps fund, incubate, coach, and ultimately build the next generation of blockchain and dApps innovation through RChain and its network.

The collaboration with RChain is a vital part of its overarching strategy aimed at increasing attention, visibility, and adoption among early-stage blockchain-specific dApps, talented developers, business enterprises, and consumers.


Careers – Be the future.

Open Positions

  1. Core Engineer
  2. Data Engineer
  3. UX/UI Engineer
  4. Trainee/Intern

Please submit your resumes to Careers@coegil.com.

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