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Coegil connects decision makers, researchers, and data providers with the tools and expertise they need to make great decisions quickly

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Data Science made simple

Choosing Coegil means you benefit from a solution every successful investment manager already has.

Data Science infrastructure to perform sophisticated machine learning & Data Lake to securely store your spreadsheets, petabyte datasets & more,

Research Management System to collaborate and keep your work organized & Marketplace to discover & buy data, research, & expertise, and

AI-Driven Compliance to stop wasting time with broker votes & inducement questionnaires.

Big data & machine-learning without a tech team

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For Hedge Funds & Asset Managers

Coegil makes data science easy and puts new investment insights at your fingertips without having to hire a tech team or spend a lot of money.

In minutes, you have the tools to turn your datasets and spreadsheets into machine-learning models, databases, and more.

Work with our data scientists to wrangle your data and automate your forecasting efforts at an affordable price.

Compete with the most sophisticated hedge funds at a fraction of their costs

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For Researchers & Alternative Data Providers

Coegil makes it easy to leverage your vast research inventory to produce bespoke research in seconds.

Take control of your marketing effort and get paid in minutes.  Your customers can use their CSA & RPA accounts to make purchases.

Grow revenue & spend more time building your next insight

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Make Great Decisions™ anywhere

Give your research a modern look with the first mobile application designed for professional decision-makers.

Now your research is delivered in seconds and it looks amazing.

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The Coegil Difference


Our integrated platform removes time wasted tabbing between applications, copying-pasting your work, and struggling to keep your artifacts organized.


Compete with the most sophisticated hedge funds able to spend tens of millions of dollars on technology & talent for a fraction of their cost.


Use our research prime brokers to take the compliance burden off your shoulders & put your soft-dollars to use.

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