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Coegil connects decision-makers and data scientists with the machine learning tools and expertise they need to make great decisions

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Data Science Simplified

Coegil helps anyone load, visualize, analyze, and predict with their data. Perform sophisticated machine learning, produce impactful insights, and share results with your team in seconds.

No tech team required.

Unlock your research effort with the best data science tools

Collect and analyze your most important data using sophisticated machine learning tools in a simple and integrated platform

Harness Your Data

Quickly get started with our built-in data marketplace with over 1000 public datasets & feed handlers to the most popular data sources. 

Work with our team of data engineers & scientists to provide the expertise you need to build a robust data pipeline.

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Build Your Models

Effortlessly build models with machine-learning environments optimized for your needs.

Eliminate time wasted automating your routine data science results and fusing your models into your business.

Use Python, R, PySpark, PyTorch, AWS Sagemaker & more from your desktop or tablet device.

Explore Your Results

Turn your spreadsheets into a relational datastore with a button click. Or load your petabytes dataset into RDS, Athena, Redshift or Timestream.

Our dashboards bring your insights to life. Or use our API to interact with your data right from your machine learning notebooks.

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Organize Your Research

Easy access to all your data & content from any device to supercharge your research. Secure your research with Coegil’s intuitive access management.

Spreadsheets, documents, datasets, notebooks, query files, datastores & more – all stored together in one place.

Make Great Decisions™ Anywhere

Stay connected to your research team anytime, anywhere. Real-time updates sent to your personalized news stream to never miss an impactful insight.

Do everything that matters from any device.

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The Coegil Difference


Our fully-managed platform remove the time wasted provisioning kit and installing software.


Our design ensures your data scientists have the best data & tools at a fraction of the cost.


Be confident your data, communications, purchases, and reputation are always secure, trusted, and SEC-compliant.

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