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AI Accelerators: Unleashing Your AI Potential

Turbocharge Your AI Projects Seamlessly

Dive into Coegil’s expansive suite of AI Accelerators, tailored to supercharge every facet of your AI journey. From data ingestion and management to model training and deployment, our accelerators ensure efficiency without the complexity. Designed for both seasoned analysts and citizen data scientists, we make harnessing the full potential of AI not just possible but effortless.

Private LLM Chatbot

GenAI Copilots

Revolutionize Engagement with AI-Powered GenAI Solutions

Elevate user interactions using Coegil’s LM Copilots, harnessing the power of renowned third-party LLMs like OpenAI & Anthropic or your very own private-hosted LLMs. Train copilots on your company’s unique documents, websites, and code repositories. Deploy RetrievalQA copilots for seamless sales and customer support or construct intricate agent chains for sophisticated processing. Experience conversational AI tailored to your brand’s voice and needs.

ML Operations

Streamlined Model Creation & Deployment at Your Fingertips

With Coegil’s ML Operations, building and deploying machine learning and auto-ML models becomes a breeze. Within minutes, select training sets, delve into detailed EDA reports, and configure models, be it a few or dozens. Quality assurance is effortless with our in-built reporting, ensuring optimal results. Seamlessly deploy your models for in-platform use or integrate them in real time with your existing applications, amplifying your data-driven capabilities.



Streamlined Data Linking Through Advanced Machine Learning

Harness the power of Coegil’s Matcher to seamlessly unify your datasets. With cutting-edge machine learning, effortlessly pinpoint duplicate records and swiftly sift through millions of potential matches. Plus, with an intuitive user interface, dive deep into your matches, make necessary overrides, and address unmatched records with precision. Simplify complex data linking and elevate your data’s integrity with Matcher.


Empower Your ML Models with Rich, Precise Annotations

Dive into the advanced capabilities of Coegil’s Annotator. Craft robust training sets for your machine-learning models from diverse sources, including text, PDFs, images, and videos. Engage in detailed entity and semantic annotations, ensuring your models receive the finest data. And with a user-friendly interface, reviewing and updating past annotations becomes a breeze. With Annotator, watch your machine learning efforts come alive.

Coegil Micro-application


Dive Deep into Your Data with Precision and Ease

Discover the power of Coegil’s Screener in navigating through intricate domain data, be it deals, transactions, companies, or contacts. Easily search and filter based on your criteria, get an overview through summary statistics, or delve deeper into specific entries. Need more insights? Request custom predictions or converse with our advanced LLM chatbot. And when you’re ready, effortlessly transmit your findings to third-party systems like CRMs, streamlining your workflow for maximum efficiency.

Productivity Coach

Elevate Team Efficiency with Intelligent Insights

Unleash a new era of team productivity with Coegil’s Productivity Coach. Seamlessly harvest data from calendars, emails, and shared drives. Through our private LLMs, receive concise daily and weekly activity summaries paired with actionable item lists for effortless follow-up. Integrate effortlessly with tools like CRMs or code repositories and get holistic productivity metrics. Our custom models provide objective productivity scores, pinpointing areas for improvement and offering tailored suggestions to propel your team forward.

AI Coach
Automated Pipeline

Data Hub

Bidirectional Synchronization at Your Fingertips

Harness the efficiency of Coegil’s Data Hub, your bridge between third-party systems like CRMs and the sophisticated data management capabilities within Coegil. Seamlessly automate data pipelines, ensuring synchronized data flow both ways, without the hassles of manual interventions. By integrating Data Hub, you’re not just connecting systems; you’re streamlining operations, enhancing data accuracy, and driving smarter business decisions. Experience a harmonized data ecosystem that keeps you a step ahead.

Secure Data Ingest

Precision-Driven Protection for Your Confidential Data

Coegil’s Secure Data Ingest offers advanced solutions for your data security needs. Whether it’s selective data transmission via “Secure Skip,” anonymizing sensitive values with “Anonymous Protect,” or ultra-secure storage with “Secure Vault,” we’ve got you covered. Prioritize trust and integrity, ensuring your data’s safety without compromising its utility. Trust Coegil, championing ethical data management.

Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker

Comprehensive Oversight for All Operations within Coegil

Gain unparalleled insight with Coegil’s Activity Tracker. Empower your authorized personnel to identify the who, what, and where of both human and automated activities inside Coegil. Monitor dataset processing, model training, and usage seamlessly. Generate both historical and real-time reports tailored for vigilant monitoring. Plus, with automated alerts on unusual activities, stay ahead of potential issues—making it an indispensable tool for your compliance and regulatory requirements.


Hundreds of Ready-made Connectors

Coegil provides an extensive library of ready-made connectors to simplify your integration effort. Our connectors establish seamless interaction with the most popular systems, from databases, CRMs, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and data providers. Private sandboxes offer a secure environment for you to develop and test custom workflows, ensuring risk-free implementation and smooth operations.