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The Coegil AI Operating System

Empowering Data Analysts, Citizen Data Scientists, and AI Experts

Whether you’re a seasoned AI expert, a budding citizen data scientist, or a meticulous data analyst, Coegil’s state-of-the-art AI Operating System is tailored for you. Dive into a realm where the fusion of secure storage, elite analytics, intuitive machine learning, and seamless automation converge, enabling you to design and deploy impactful AI solutions that transform businesses. We’re here to simplify your AI journey.

Secure, scalable storage

Secure, scalable storage

Customized Spreadsheet & Database Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Experience freedom from the constraints of traditional data storage. Coegil’s purpose-built datastores are designed to grow with your needs, ensuring faster delivery and freeing your team from the intricacies of cloud administration. This means more time for value-added work.

Automated Pipelines

Simplifying Data Enrichment & MLOps with Automation

Our platform enables you to effortlessly build pipelines for data extraction and loading from diverse sources. Pre-built connectors make data transformation a breeze, paving the way for insightful analysis and machine learning. Plus, centralized performance monitoring ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Automated Pipeline
Package Bundles

Elastic Computing

Empower Your Most Complex AI Models with Flexible, Scalable Computing

Coegil unleashes the power of your data science projects to train even the most complex models, including LLMs, providing the flexibility and power you need. Whether it’s for data processing, machine learning, deep learning, or hosting micro-apps, we provide secure compute capacity sized for every workload. With support for over 100 compute configurations, including multi-GPU sets, and tools like Visual Studio Code, Jupyter, Python, R, and more, we optimize for both performance and cost.

Advanced Analytics

Discover Untapped Opportunities with Data-Driven Insights

Coegil offers a comprehensive toolkit for data visualization and analysis. Connect to your data sources and create real-time dashboards with an intuitive interface. Whether you’re using our built-in charting or upgrading to Tableau, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your data.

Advanced Analytics
Machine Learning

Auto-Machine Learning

Unearth Hidden Patterns in Your Data with AI

Democratize data science with automated machine learning and feature engineering. By simplifying these complex tasks, Coegil empowers business domain experts and citizen data scientists alike to accelerate insights and make data-driven decisions. AutoML and pre-built AI solutions eliminate the time-consuming task of training your models.

ML Operations

Seamlessly Transition Machine Learning Models from Lab to Production

Simplifies the entire machine learning process with no-code and low-code tools. We’ve got everything from exploratory data analysis to model training and tuning. Once you’re ready, deploy your models to production, with automated monitoring and retraining for ongoing accuracy.

Machine Learning Operations
Coegil Micro-application

Custom Micro-Apps

Build Sophisticated, Fully-Hosted Applications in No Time

Push the boundaries of traditional dashboards and eliminate the roadblocks that often keep the power of AI out of reach for end users. Integrate your models and leverage tools like ChatGPT to build engaging point-and-click experiences. Our intuitive low-code modules empower you to quickly craft sophisticated apps, bringing AI’s transformative potential directly into your team’s hands.

Query Explorer

All Your Data at Your Fingertips

Access your data sources, run SQL queries, analyze data, and download results, all from a single tool. Whether you’re working with SQL or NoSQL datastores, our Query Explorer makes data exploration effortless. Plus, with upcoming ChatGPT support, even SQL novices can dive in!

Query Explorer
Coegil Chat

Collaboration and Activity Monitoring

Boost Team Synergy and Compliance with Research-Oriented Chat

Chat offers a unique capability to enhance teamwork and productivity. Our tool supports various communication channels, from direct messages to group discussions and research lab journals. Receive instant notifications and alerts directly within your chat channels, ensuring crucial updates are not missed and stay organized. Administrators can generate activity reports, allowing them to optimize AI operations and fulfill compliance tasks.

Version Control Mastery

Empower Your AI Projects with Reproducibility

Embrace the full potential of modern software engineering with Coegil’s comprehensive Version Control. Seamlessly track and manage changes across a plethora of artifacts, from datasets and pipelines to dashboards, GenAI chatbots, and even databases. Achieve unparalleled confidence in your work while ensuring a replicable Dev-Stage-Prod CI-CD pipeline. Your AI projects have never been this traceable and reliable.

Version Control Master

A Future-Proof Foundation for Your AI Journey

Built on robust, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, Coegil employs the best-in-class tools to ensure your AI initiatives are seamless, powerful, and reliable. Our platform is designed to be future-proof, facilitating the rapid and safe integration of emerging AI solutions. With Coegil, you’re not just keeping pace with the AI evolution but staying ahead.

An Edition to Fit Every Need

Coegil offers various options, each designed to meet a specific set of needs and scale with your business.
Whether you’re a startup, an SMB, or a large enterprise, we have a plan that’s just right for you.
Discover our offerings and find your perfect fit.


Start your AI transformation in minutes



  • Personal data lake
  • Automated data processing
  • Machine learning lab
  • Visual Studio Code - Copilot
  • Purpose-built databases
  • Omni-DB query explorer


For teams ready to scale their AI initiatives



  • All Professional features
  • Enhanced datalake
  • Live dashboards
  • Auto-ML & MLOps
  • Compliance & chat
  • API integration
  • Version control & deployment


For sophisticated organizations eager to grow with AI



  • All Team features
  • Ultra-large CPUs + GPUs
  • Embedded micro-apps
  • Pre-trained AI solutions
  • Tableau integration
  • Dedicated instance option