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Ready-made Intelligence Customized for You

Coegil provides pre-trained artificial intelligence solutions to address everyday business needs such as personalized recommendations, improving deal screening and portfolio oversight, and increasing C-suite engagement. You get quality and accuracy from continuously-learning models powering Amazon, Facebook, and more.


Our Services

Easily add artificial intelligence to your workflows with no machine learning skills required.

  • Segment customers and personalize digital experiences
  • Forecast financials and business metrics
  • Discover valuable insights and sentiments from text
  • Extract text and data from millions of documents

Explore our capability

Use natural language processing to extract insights, sentiments, and relationships from unstructured text. Build accurate forecasting models capable of handling complex seasonality trends. Reduce manual efforts by automatically extracting text and data from millions of documents in hours. Identify potentially fraudulent activity in transactions or default risks in your portfolio.

Personalized Recommendations

Create personalized experiences customized for your business

Time-series Forecasts

Predict business financials and metrics easily and accurately

Natural Language Processing

Uncover valuable insights and connections from text

Fraud Detection

Identify potentially fraudulent activities in minutes