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Unlock Immediate, Impactful AI Value

Step into Coegil’s versatile suite of AI Solutions, carefully crafted to inspire and pave the way for your AI journey. Whether seeking inspiration or desiring instant ROI on your AI investment, our pre-made solutions fit the bill. More than mere tools, they’re your tailored AI blueprint for tangible transformations, instilling confidence and innovation across all industries.

Loan Default Prediction

Loan Default Predictor

Master Your Loan Risk with Precision

Dive deep into your data with Coegil’s Loan Default Solution to spot loans with a high propensity to default within specific time ranges. Our AI solution combines machine learning and heuristic models, offering a robust mix of predictors tailored to your needs. Equipped with pre-built models, interactive dashboards, and a dedicated micro-app, you’re empowered to preemptively tackle potential issues and make informed decisions swiftly.

Personalized Product Recommender

Elevate User Experience with Tailored Recommendations

Introducing Coegil’s Product Recommendation Solution – a state-of-the-art machine learning application meticulously designed to enhance your customer’s journey. By analyzing user interactions from marketing communications, in-app activity, and purchasing patterns, it aligns prospective users with products they’re most likely to engage with. Dive into a world where understanding user preferences isn’t a guesswork but a precise science, leading to increased user satisfaction and boosted sales.

Recommendation System
Fraud Detection

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Precision-Driven Fraud Detection at Your Fingertips

Welcome to the future of fraud prevention with Coegil’s Fraud Detector. Leveraging the power of two decades of transaction data and intuitive machine learning, this solution is meticulously designed for businesses of all sizes—even those new to ML. Instantly harness historical insights to create bespoke fraud detection models. From pinpoint detection to easy incorporation of custom business rules, ensure every transaction’s authenticity and keep fraudulent activities at bay. Dive into data-driven security, today.

Boosted Sales Success

Leverage AI to Elevate Your Sales Conversion Rates

Unearth the true potential of your sales funnel with Coegil’s Sales Conversion AI solution. By fusing heuristic models with advanced ML insights, we pinpoint prospects ripe for conversion. Seamlessly integrate these intelligent insights into your CRM and deal management systems, ensuring a frictionless experience for your sales team. Dive into a world where AI-driven predictions amplify your conversion success, putting you strides ahead in the sales game.

Sales Conversions
Customer Churn

Proactive Churn Management

Stay Ahead with AI-Driven Retention Insights

Transform customer retention with Coegil’s Customer Churn AI solution. By preemptively identifying customers at risk of churning, this tool foresees potential departures and recommends tailored products to bolster retention. Furthermore, the system autonomously uploads timely communication materials into your CRM, empowering your customer success teams to respond swiftly and effectively. With our solution, turn potential churn into lasting loyalty.

Advanced Portfolio Insight

AI-Driven Evaluation for Optimal Investment Outcomes

Dive deeper into your investment or deal collections with Coegil’s Portfolio Analysis AI solution. Harness the power of AI to assess performance, potential returns, and inherent risks within your portfolio. Our intelligent system pinpoints areas demanding closer scrutiny, ensuring you’re always ahead in decision-making. Transform your approach to investments and elevate your strategy with unmatched AI-driven insights.

Portfolio Analysis