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AI Solutions in Coegil

Ready-made intelligence customized to your business.

As businesses seek to augment their in-house expertise, AI is reshaping every industry as applications built on machine learning are commonplace. Organizations that lack in-house machine learning expertise are searching for ways to close the capability gap. Pre-trained AI solutions built from deep-learning provide the answer by leveraging the data science investments made by technology titans.

Coegil provides ready-made AI solutions to address common business cases such as personalized recommendations, improving deal screening and portfolio oversight, revenue and expense forecasting, extracting insight from text and images, and much more. You get quality and accuracy from the same continuously-learning models powering Amazon, Apple, and more.


Our Services

Easily add artificial intelligence to your workflows with no machine learning skills required.

  • Segment customers and personalize digital experiences
  • Forecast financials and business metrics
  • Discover valuable insights and sentiments from text
  • Extract text and data from millions of documents

Natural Language Processing

Coegil’s NLP engine helps businesses uncover valuable insights from the text in documents, emails, social media, support tickets, and more. Natural language processing extracts keywords, topics, key phrases, and sentiments for subsequent business workflows, or data scientists can use the results to power machine learning models.

NLP analyzes customer interactions through support engagement, outreach campaigns, and product surveys. Improve the quality of your search engine by using indices harvested from NLP extract that go beyond simple keyword matching. Classify and extract information from legal contracts and financial documents while automatically redacting Personally Identifiable Information.

File to Text Extraction

Coegil’s optical character recognition (OCR) engine helps businesses automatically extract data from text and handwriting in scanned documents like PDFs and images. Companies avoid the expense, time, and errors of harvesting information manually. To automate document processing, OCR is ideal for finding data hidden in tables and forms and eliminates manual review. Stay compliant with data privacy and document security standards with built-in security controls and encryption.

OCR confidently finds critical data such as loan rates, business names, and invoice totals from financial applications and loan documents. Healthcare providers improve service and patient outcomes by accurately loading information from insurance claims, intake forms, and doctor reports.

 Image Recognition

Coegil’s image and video analysis (IVA) engine offers a pre-trained computer vision solution to extract data from images and videos. Companies can analyze millions of pictures and videos in seconds. Detect everyday objects and themes, like “bikes” or “playing football”, or find custom objects like business logos and distorted text.

IVA can quickly detect inappropriate content found in image and video files using business-specific specifications. Use facial recognition to verify identity in authentication workflows and security footage. Quickly find key video segments such as blank frames or end credits to streamline media analysis.

Personalized Recommendations

Coegil’s recommendation engine helps businesses make product recommendations, perform product ranking, and generate customized copy for direct marketing. Companies can produce recommendations beyond rigid rules-based suggestions that incorporate your community’s user interactions and transactions. Boost engagement and revenue with relevant upsell and cross-sell offers.

Recommendations are used to offer unique website experiences for new and existing users. Provide recommendations for product carousels with user-centric rankings that include existing stock and new inventory. Personalize messaging in texts, chatbots, and emails to create an individual customer experience in your website and marketing campaigns.


Coegil’s forecasting engine generates more accurate demand and supply chain forecasts. Based on 20+ years of experience in the ecommerce industry, businesses get probabilistic predictions that incorporate factors such as product details and price, weather, holidays, web traffic, and time-of-day variations. Built-in reporting confidently explains what factors dominate predictions to help better manage business operations.

AI Forecasts predict product inventory needs and eliminate waste of perishable stock. Match staffing plans to meet customer demand, manage expenses and improve customer satisfaction. Improve capital utilization to enable long-term planning and decision-making.

Explore our capability

Innovate faster with our comprehensive suite of pre-built AI solutions ready to provide deeper insights from your data.

Personalized Recommendations

Create personalized experiences customized for your business

Time-series Forecasts

Predict business financials and metrics easily and accurately

Natural Language Processing

Uncover valuable insights and connections from text

Fraud Detection

Identify potentially fraudulent activities in minutes

Your AI Partner

Coegil’s ready-made AI solutions transform how AI is tailored to meet your unique business needs. Quickly add cutting-edge intelligence to your applications and enjoy the quality and accuracy of continuously-learning models. No data science skills are required.