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Traditional business intelligence dashboards no longer cut it in today’s data-driven world. Businesses need sophisticated analytics to gain insight into complex business problems. Often data has to be cleaned, transformed, enriched, and aggregated in ways too brutal to do in 2000-era dashboarding tools.

Coegil provides a full suite of analytical solutions to meet every need. Use our Classic Dash to build Excel-like charts and grids. Plotly Dash lets you create dynamic, cross-filtered charts that respond to user interactions. Micro-apps offer a complete user experience for those needing a custom application.

Analytics Strategies

  • No-Code & Low-Code Development
  • 21x Cost Savings vs Internal Development
  • 3x Faster Delivery over Alternatives
  • Embed into Existing Applications
  • Deploy & Manage without IT Help

Deployment and Scaling

Coegil offers a one-stop shop to host all your analytical solutions. Deploy and manage dashboards and micro-apps that automatically scale to address your most enormous datasets and complex models without bothering your DevOps team. You have complete control over all aspects of your deployments.

Development and Integration

Coegil delivers everything your data science team needs to quickly provide actionable insights to your business. Access data from your Coegil data lake with a single click or one line of code – no need to install 3rd-party libraries. Build compelling dashboards without writing a single line of CSS code to arrange, style, and customize your visualizations.

Host your dashboards and micro-apps within Coegil for maximum flexibility. Also, embed Coegil reports and apps in existing web apps like Salesforce to quickly add AI to your existing workloads.

  • Built-in Reporting Engine
  • Design Reports Like a Pro
  • Reliability and Performance Guaranteed
  • Embed into Existing Applications
  • Data Lake Integration in Seconds
  • No Installation Required