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Analytics & BI with Coegil

End-to-end analytics that closes the gap between data and business impact

Traditional business intelligence dashboards no longer cut it in today’s data-driven world. Businesses need sophisticated analytics to gain insight into complex business problems. Often data has to be cleaned, transformed, enriched, and aggregated in ways too brutal to do in 2000-era business intelligence (BI) tools.

Coegil provides a full suite of analytical solutions to meet every need. Use our Classic Dash to build Excel-like charts and grids. Plotly Dash lets you create dynamic, cross-filtered charts that respond to user interactions. Micro-apps offer a complete application experience in minutes for those needing a custom application.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Ingesting data into your data lake is the first step in the AI journey. Teams need to quickly get a high-level sense of data quality before producing charts or training machine learning models. Analysts can waste valuable time performing ad-hoc analysis when using the wrong tools.

Coegil helps analysts quickly explore, understand, and identify meaningful relationships in their datasets by producing value distributions, highlighting outliers and missing data, and providing comprehensive statistics for numerical and categorical features. Coegil’s built-in libraries generate correlation matrices to see the strength between the elements and provide insightful data quality reports with no data science expertise.

Analytics Strategies

  • No-Code & Low-Code Development
  • 21x Cost Savings vs Internal Development
  • 3x Faster Delivery over Alternatives
  • Embed into Existing Applications
  • Deploy & Manage without IT Help

Real-time Charting & Dashboards

Coegil’s BI dashboarding solution provides everything needed to access and visualize your data. End users get a rich, no-code experience, and analysts easily arrange, style, and customize behaviors without limitations. In-app visualizations allow data analysts and engineers to share charts and insights with decision-makers and stakeholders without worrying about complex infrastructure.

With Coegil’s integrated chat and notification system, team members stay up to date on emerging analyses, offer real-time feedback, and never miss an important insight. Analysts can create schedules to automatically refresh datasets and reports and send alerts via app or email to notify their team of updates. Go beyond scheduling with event-driven actions that execute routine tasks triggered by external events.

Integration with In-House Tools

Sometimes users need more than the native visualization and dashboarding solutions that Coegil provides. Integrate with leading BI platforms, like Tableau, Qlik, QuickSight, and PowerBI, to leverage your existing data warehouse capability.

With Coegil’s EDS, or External Data Store, feature, users can directly combine on-prem and cross-cloud data warehouses with their Coegil data lake. Coegil offers connectors and libraries built and optimized for the most popular databases, file types, data providers, and applications.

  • Built-in Reporting Engine
  • Design Reports Like a Pro
  • Reliability and Performance Guaranteed
  • Embed into Existing Applications
  • Data Lake Integration in Seconds
  • No Installation Required

Low-Code Development & Integration

Coegil delivers everything your data science team needs to provide actionable insights to your business quickly. Access data from your Coegil data lake with a single click or one line of code – no need to install 3rd-party libraries. Build compelling dashboards without writing a single line of CSS code to arrange, style, and customize your visualizations.

Embed interactive analytics directly into your applications to bring powerful AI and analytics to your team. Host your dashboards and micro-apps within Coegil for maximum flexibility and eliminate technical drudgery. Also, embed Coegil reports and micro-apps in web apps like Salesforce to quickly add AI to your existing workloads.

Your AI Partner

Coegil’s BI tools transform how AI is visualized and shared across the organization. Rapidly produce production-grade dashboards and micro-apps to power your business and realize a 21x costs savings using Coegil.