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Harness Big Data with Coegil

Welcome to a world where big data management is not a struggle but a streamlined process, where your data is not just stored but transformed into a valuable asset. With Coegil, you can break the barriers holding you back from meaningfully working with your data. This guides you to understanding how Coegil can redefine your big data strategy.

The Power of Cloud-First Platform: Performance Meets Simplicity

Coegil leverages the scalability and performance of the cloud, providing an experience that even the most prominent enterprises would envy. But this doesn’t mean complexity. Our simple and intuitive platform removes the headache of managing your own cloud infrastructure. So instead of getting lost in server provisioning, patching, backups, and security, you can focus on analysis.

Versatile Database Solutions: SQL Server, Data Warehouse, MySQL

Each business has unique data needs. That’s why we offer multiple database solutions, from SQL Server to MySQL and more, so that you can choose the best fit for your project. And the best part? We help optimize your database selection for scale, performance, and costs.

A Scalable Platform for All: Delivering Enterprise-grade Capabilities at Every Scale

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, Coegil’s platform is built to accommodate your big data needs.

Elastic Performance for Every Business Size: Startup to Enterprise

Our platform is engineered to automatically scale with your demands, ensuring that you always have the necessary resources without having to worry about planning or over-provisioning.

Achieving Cost-efficiency at Scale: Pay Less, Achieve More

Coegil delivers premium performance at a fraction of the cost. With our solution, you can get five times the throughput of standard MySQL, achieving enterprise-grade performance without the enterprise-grade costs.

Ensuring Data Security and Reliability: Our Commitment

Data security and reliability is at the heart of Coegil’s platform.

Coegil’s Multi-Layered Security: Safeguarding Your Data

We secure your data with multiple layers of protection, including network isolation, encryption at rest, and in transit. Enhanced security features, like encrypted backups and automated patch management, further insulate your team from vulnerabilities.

Always Available, Always Reliable: Your Data When You Need It

Our platform is designed to offer 99.99% availability, ensuring that your data is always available when you need it. We also offer built-in replication and failover capabilities, transparent recovery from storage failures, and a distributed self-healing storage system.

Enterprise Features

  • 99.99% Availability
  • 3-5x Performance vs alternatives
  • Automated backups and replicas
  • 10% cost of internal deployments
  • 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability

Database Types

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Swift Processing and Automation: Making Data Work for You

Processing big data efficiently and quickly is key to unlocking its potential.

High-Speed Data Processing: Boosting Your AI Architecture

Our platform is designed to rapidly process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across various formats and locations. This fast processing power, combined with our automated data pipelines, can significantly speed up your AI journey.

Efficient Automation for Data Ingestion, Transformation, and Deployment

Automation is the backbone of efficient data operations. Coegil’s automation capabilities allow you to ingest, transform, and deploy data swiftly, without worrying about performance and scalability.

Empowering Remote Collaboration: A Unified, Secure Workspace

Collaboration is critical in today’s remote work environment. Coegil offers secure tools to make this possible.

Coegil’s Secure Collaboration Tools: Breaking Down Silos

We eliminate the silos faced by on-premise and remote teams, providing a single, governed data repository. Integrated chat allows seamless collaboration, fostering a culture of transparency and team synergy.

Seamless Integration and User Activity Monitoring: Fostering Trust and Compliance

Coegil also provides comprehensive user monitoring, answering compliance questions with authority and transparency. This ensures you always have a clear view of who has accessed what data, creating a reliable and trustful work environment.

Why Choose Coegil: The Unique Advantages

Choosing Coegil means choosing a platform built with your needs in mind.

High Availability and Durability: Ensuring Business Continuity

Coegil is designed to be resilient, offering 99.999999999% durability and the option for multi-region deployments, ensuring the highest possible resilience for your data.

Tailor-made Solutions: For Your Unique Needs

At Coegil, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide tailor-made database solutions to meet your specific data needs. Our platform can handle any data, any size, any location, any format, all while making it simple and intuitive for you to use.

At Coegil, we’re not just about managing your big data. We’re about turning it into your greatest asset. Let us help you harness the power of big data. Contact us to learn more about how Coegil can revolutionize your data strategy.

Your AI Partner

Coegil’s big data solutions transform how AI is stored, secured, and accessed. Rapidly produce production-grade dashboards and micro-apps to power your business and realize a 21x costs savings using Coegil.