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Modern data infrastructure without the hassle

Free your team from time-consuming tasks like server provisioning, patching, backups, and security. Stop working around proprietary standards, punishing pricing terms, and frequent maintenance tasks.

Let Coegil choose the database option best fit for your job to optimize scale, performance, and costs. Review some of the purpose-built database options available to you in seconds.

Confidence with high availability and security

Designed to offer 99.99% availability with replication across multiple Availability Zones and continuous backup. Enjoy transparent recovery from storage failures, with failover typically taking less than 30 seconds. Dedicated Instance users have the option for multi-region Hot-Hot deployments for the highest resilience possible.

You benefit from multiple security layers to protect your data, including network isolation, encryption at rest, and encryption of data in transit. Backups, snapshots, and replicas are encrypted for added security. Automated patch management ensures your data is protected against the latest vulnerabilities.

Enterprise Features

  • 99.99% Availability
  • 3-5x Performance vs alternatives
  • Automated backups and replicas
  • 10% cost of internal deployments
  • 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability

Database Types

High Performance and Scalability

Get 5x the throughput of standard MySQL for performance on par with commercial installations at 1/10th the cost. Coegil continuously monitors your data lake and automatically scales when needed.

Coegil features a distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing storage system that automatically detects and recovers from database faults.