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Big Data with Coegil

Make your data secure, reliable, and organized in seconds with Coegil.

Access any data – any size, any location, any format – in seconds to enjoy the simplicity of a self-service big data platform for data ingest, preparation, and staging.

Coegil’s hybrid-cloud platform creates a data lake strategy that breaks down barriers holding back data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and end users from meaningfully working with data.

Coegil is a leading solution for ingesting data, preparing it for analysis, and automating complex data shaping tasks to speed up every step in the machine learning journey.

Fast Processing and Querying

All in one platform to quickly work with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in any format across clouds, regions, and on-premise data centers. Simplify your AI architecture using a platform that automatically scales to meet processing spikes and overcome concurrency and contentions issues. Get 5x the throughput of standard MySQL for performance on par with commercial installations at 1/10th the cost.

Data engineers build robust and efficient pipelines to ingest, transform, and deploy data in minutes without worrying about performance, scalability, and resource planning. Build data-driven applications fed from batch and continuous pipelines and explore ready-to-query datasets with built-in schema detection.

Modern Infrastructure Without The Hassle

Built as a cloud-first platform, Coegil delivers performance and elasticity that only the most prominent enterprises enjoy but at the cost small businesses can afford. Coegil eliminates the management challenges faced by setting up cloud infrastructure on your own, so you focus on analysis.

Free your team from time-consuming tasks like server provisioning, patching, backups, and security. Stop working around proprietary standards, punishing pricing terms, and frequent maintenance tasks.

Let Coegil choose the database option best fit for your job to optimize scale, performance, and costs. Leverage purpose-built database solutions made for every scenario available to you in seconds.

Enterprise Features

  • 99.99% Availability
  • 3-5x Performance vs alternatives
  • Automated backups and replicas
  • 10% cost of internal deployments
  • 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability

Database Types

Confidence With High Availability And Security

Designed to offer 99.99% availability with replication across multiple Availability Zones and continuous backup. Coegil users enjoy built-in replication and failover/fallback capabilities to ensure data is always available. Enjoy transparent recovery from storage failures, with failover typically taking less than 30 seconds.

You benefit from multiple security layers to protect your data, including network isolation, encryption at rest, and encryption of data in transit. Enjoy enhanced security with encrypted backups, snapshots, and replicas. Insulate your team from the latest vulnerabilities with automated patch management.

Coegil continuously monitors your data lake and automatically scales when needed. Enjoy a distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing storage system that automatically detects and recovers from database faults.

Dedicated Instance users have the option for multi-region Hot-Hot deployments for the highest resilience possible.

Secure Collaboration for Remote Teams

Eliminate silos faced by on-premise and remote teams by utilizing a single, governed data repository without worrying about administration or compromising security. Take advantage of seamless collaboration with integrated chat and avoid the need to copy or move data between users in your business ecosystem.

Quickly and comprehensively monitor what users can access, what activities were executed, and which analytical products are in highest demand. Coegil’s built-in provenance and activity streams answer common compliance questions with authority and transparency.

Unleash the benefits of AI innovation by providing immediate, self-service access to data and analytics to empower team members of various technical skills to extract value from data.

Your AI Partner

Coegil’s big data solutions transform how AI is stored, secured, and accessed. Rapidly produce production-grade dashboards and micro-apps to power your business and realize a 21x costs savings using Coegil.