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Coegil in Finance

Asset managers, hedge funds, and private equity firms have always faced market challenges, threats from existing competitors, and growing regulation. With the advent of alternative data and the use of data science, the barriers to entry no longer exist, permitting competition from non-traditional participants with a technology edge. 

Financial professionals must continue to fight for a large piece of the return pie and seek ways to grow AUM.

Five Headwinds in Finance

Despite all disruptions, the burden in investment professions remains the same:

  • Driving operational efficiencies to reduce expense fees,
  • Identifying alpha-generating investments under uncertain macroeconomic conditions,
  • Screening more investment opportunities, faster and with increased confidence,
  • Designing customized investment solutions to grow assets under management, and 
  • Finding and retaining top talent with in-demand skills to make this a reality.

Addressing the Challenges

The prominence of data and AI are propelling trends in financial services, which will set the stage for growth.

Three Challenges for Financial Firms

Thematic investments: Offering investors opportunities outside their traditional asset classes and instrument types for improved alpha potential.

Product customization: Broadening the value propositions to investors by personalizing investment solutions to match investor life goals and timelines better.

Digital distribution: Raising the bar for client sales and service journeys by offering the same user experiences seen in ecommerce.

  • Strong Fee Compression
  • New Alpha Generation
  • Faster Deal Screening
  • Improved Personalization
  • Leveling Up Staff

Coegil Transforms Finance

Coegil helps finance companies transform their businesses overnight by providing the Data Science Operating System every data-driven team needs to harness the power of AI.

How Financial Firms Use Coegil

Centralized Repository: securely organize spreadsheets, documents, and databases in a single data lake with built-in compliance oversight and easily create datarooms to collaborate with your clients.

System Integration: leverage your investment in 3rd-party systems by automatically ingesting data for machine learning efforts and then depositing AI results back to reduce training load.

Investment Industrialization: document your best investment thinking, enhance it with machine learning, and automate signal generation that is transparent and intuitive to risk management.

Digital Experience: deploy cutting-edge personalized recommendations, natural language processing, and neural net forecasting to customize investment products quickly and deliver unique client experiences.