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Retail Isn't Easy

Traditional and ecommerce retailers continue to face perennial challenges – COVID-19 has only made them worse.

  • Increasing sales to existing customers
  • Optimizing varying demand to disrupted supply chains
  • Targeting new customers with unique needs
  • Competition from AI-enabled upstarts

Opportunities Abound Despite Headwinds

Direct-to-consumer retail presents the best prospect to attract new customers and build enduring retail relationships. This retail capability requires a better understanding of customer demands and constructing personalized offerings.

COVID-19 has amplified the customer trend to digital retailing, and ecommerce will be firmly established as the new normal in every industry. Consumers who were reluctant to purchase online now have no other choice.

Fortunately, retailers are sitting on mountains of useful data from their ecommerce transaction platforms, point-of-sale systems, and marketing channels.

Breaking Through with Coegil

With ecommerce demand surging, building AI capabilities is more critical than ever to stay competitive and seize opportunities from this consumer trend.

Data science and machine learning offer the most significant potential to help legacy retailers and newcomers seize these opportunities.

AI-driven insights can help companies identify consumer needs with precision and propel innovation with real-time insights as it is already for digital giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and more.

Coegil’s Data Science Operating System and on-demand expertise enable every retailer to operate as though it’s a digital giant for a fraction of the cost.

  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Consumer Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Dynamic pricing strategies
  • Product customization and cross-selling
  • Fraud detection and loss forecasting
  • Lower operating cost and business risk
  • Inventory optimizaytion