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Data Drives Startup Success

Data and analytics give businesses the insights to spot trends, reveal opportunities, diagnose problems, and make great decisions. While established businesses may not fully understand the value of data, data-driven insights are crucial for startup roadmaps. They provide product developers and investors with essential success signals.

Vital Questions Answered by Data Science

Founders need to perceive user needs and adapt their offerings quickly to survive.

  • What’s the market size of this product or service?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Is the marketing campaign performing?
  • Are client acquisitions costs and lifetime value right?
  • Is product-market fit established?
  • What features are driving engagement?
  • What is the ideal pricing?
  • Why are customers churning?
  • What is the forecast revenue? Seasonal?

Doing More With Less

Startup budgets are pretty small in the pre-Series A stage. Founders have to allocate precious capital to day-to-day activities, such as accounting, rent, email services, marketing website and CRM system, development tools, and paying for employees. It’s not surprising to see missed data collection, processing, and insight generation. Worse yet, startups think they can get by with only spreadsheets at this stage.

  • Product Development
  • Product Engineering
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Application Hosting
  • Investor Updates

Data a Strategic Asset With Coegil

Product trial and error is vital to building enduring user experiences and validating product-market fit. Coegil provides a one-stop shop to fuel your product development and marketing efforts.

CRM-Ecommerce-Webapp Integration

Coegil’s data lake provides an ideal solution to store all your datasets, database, and essential artifacts in one place. Programmatically depositing data from your CRM, ecommerce systems, and webapp into your data lake often takes less than 15 minutes to do. Coegil ensures you have the most up-to-date information to base product and marketing decisions.

Understand Your Users Needs

Coegil offers a range of pre-architected deep learning models ready to answer your most pressing questions. Use our NLP models to identify user sentiment and extract keywords for your marketing campaigns. We provide the same technology Amazon uses to segment customers and recommend personalized user journeys for your marketing website or webapp. Better match user growth with expenses using cutting-edge deep-learning forecast models.

No data science expertise is required!

AI-enable Your Growth

What’s the point of data science if it can’t directly impact your startup’s operations? Here is where most solutions in the market fail.

Coegil makes it easy to get your models into the wild in a matter of minutes. We provide secure API access, job scheduling and monitoring, environment isolation, and the ability to deploy models in both batch and real-time capacities. Our auto-scalable infrastructure ensures your models never run out of the juice they need to perform.

No Technical Drudgery

Now for the icing on the cake. We offer the option to have a dedicated instance of Coegil. Now have your personal data science operating system living side-by-side with your webapp or use your Coegil instance as your custom cloud provider.