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A technology backbone purpose-built for your needs.

Built on Blockchain Technology

Transparency and openness are key to making great decisions. Coegil’s blockchain allows independent auditors to validate the ownership and provenance of any research asset with clarity, while protecting the confidentiality of market participants. The future use of smart contract technology places our sophisticated pricing and revenue sharing model in your hands.

Full Asset History

Blockchain technology allows for complete tracking and record keeping of all asset changes, transactions, and ownership, allowing you to have full confidence every step of the way.

Independent Validation

Don’t just take our word for it. An anonymized, decentralized ledger allows for independent validation of all transactions by authorized third parties, so you can be assured that the research activity meets all compliance and regulatory mandates.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts allow our community to easily purchase data and research products directly from their source, simplifying the process by which you obtain the assets you need to make great decisions.

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