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Bringing the research you need to your doorstep.

Find Reliable Research with Zero Effort.

Get access to alternative data and research with near zero latency. Coegil’s pipelines quickly ingest, then index your products, making them immediately available. Coegil makes purchased research assets ready to turbo-charge your decisions by incorporating insights, predictions, and actions into the research and decision-making process.

Easily Searchable Product Marketplace

All data and research products available on the Coegil Platform are custom processed upon ingestion and mapped to Coegil’s ontology for efficient indexing. This process simplifies categorization of research assets and makes them easily searchable by users, allowing Coegil to connect you directly to the products you are looking for.

Clean, Reliable Data

Coegil’s ingest pipelines ensure removal or obfuscation of confidential, non-public, or personally identifiable information, so you can have the highest level of confidence in the compliance of your data and research products. All work performed on your assets are tracked and recorded to give you a reliable provenance trail.

Secure Storage of Products

Once purchased, all data and research products are watermarked and encrypted for secure and fast delivery. Your collaborators can then access your assets from custom-secured repositories.

Start Making Great Decisions Today

Start using the Coegil platform for free to see how it can help you drive your time from insight to action down to zero.

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