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Research Inventory

Never wonder about the quality of your data.

Your Data is Safe in Our Hands

Coegil takes securing your insights and intellectual property as a trust that cannot be broken. Your inventory of purchased and custom research is stored in secure repositories where you have the tools you need to curate your vast collection of research. Every access and modification to your inventory is recorded to ensure you have a thorough, reliable history to address any question from your customers or compliance departments.

Products Registered at Ingest

All research products are immediately registered the second they are ingested from the platform, creating the foundation for tracking and maintaining the credibility of that data or research asset throughout its lifetime.

Dedication to Asset Quality

Because the platform incentivizes the community to build connections between decision science products, all products you have access to are continually being improved upon and added to. All of our products are measured by metrics meant to track both adjacency and quality, meaning any changes or additions to Coegil’s vast inventory will only improve the quality of your final decision.

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