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Research Management Application

Research Management Application

Simplify your search for research.

You Are in The Driver’s Seat.

Coegil’s easy-to-use client interface allows you to access the research you want on your terms. Our platform is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate into the way you work every day. You can easily generate ideas, collaborate with your internal team or a wider community of practitioners, and search for new insights.

Each action is only a gesture away. You no longer have to slog through a morass of technology and techniques to do your job. For the first time, you are placed in the driver’s seat of research.

Your Research, Your Way

The research possibilities are endless. The Coegil platform supports your ability to search existing research, explore by topic area, collaborate with other users, purchase data from providers, and even request custom research.

If the data or research you need exists, you will be able to find it quickly. If your idea requires research and data that do not yet exist, you’ll be able to request and receive exactly the data you need to validate your idea.

Access on Any Device

Access the Coegil platform on the devices you use every day. With simple desktop and mobile interfaces, you’ll have consistent access to the data you need whenever and wherever you need it.

API Access

You can even connect the data that lives in the Coegil platform to other tools in your workflow. With open API access, you can build custom integrations or connectors that pull the data you need from the platform automatically.

Start Making Great Decisions Today

Start using the Coegil platform for free to see how it can help you drive your time from insight to action down to zero.

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