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Research Marketplace

Easily purchase the right research for your decision.

Direct Access to Alternative Data and Research

Alternative data and research are the fuel to accelerate your insights into action. Coegil makes it seamless for providers to offer their products, allowing you to choose the right alternative research product to match your investment return goals. Coegil’s proprietary algorithms help you make confident data purchases while connecting providers to interested buyers quickly.

Sophisticated Pricing Options

Providers can make data and research products available in a number of ways. You’ll have the ability to purchase via auction or direct order and be able to browse both open and exclusive offerings from data providers.

Custom Matching

Our proprietary algorithms enable us to present you with the data and research most likely to appeal to you. The Coegil platform can match you with the most qualified providers and present you with targeted products and recommendations for your needs.

Open Pricing

Transparent pricing makes it easier than ever for decision makers and providers to engage in mutually beneficial transactions. You’ll have access to data and research products at various price points so you can select the option that makes the most sense for your needs. Our pricing also allows you to return unused products to manage your total cost of ownership.

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