What is Coegil?

Coegil is a holistic AI Operating System conceived to seamlessly meld the complexities of AI with the practical needs of businesses. At its core, it’s a platform that fosters collaboration between AI specialists and end-users, swiftly transforming intricate AI concepts into actionable, impactful solutions.

Here’s a breakdown of how Coegil operates:

Unified Ecosystem for Collaboration: Coegil is designed to be the common ground where AI professionals and business users converge. Complex AI algorithms and models, once the domain of only the tech-savvy, are now made accessible and actionable for all, thanks to Coegil’s transformative tools.

Comprehensive AI Toolkit: a single vendor selection providing capabilities for every AI use case.

  • Secure Storage: Keep your data safe and accessible.
  • Job Automation & Machine Learning: Efficiently process data and glean insights.
  • Dashboarding & Micro-Apps: Visualize data and build custom applications tailored to your needs.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly connect with other services and tools. Provenance & Activity Tracking: Maintain a clear record of data sources and user interactions.
  • GenAI Chatbots: Engage with a chatbot trained on Coegil’s extensive knowledge base, ensuring users can access insights and assistance instantly.

Inclusivity & User-Friendliness: Coegil ensures that irrespective of one’s technical proficiency, every user can harness the immense power of AI. With our intuitive interface and resources, AI experts and novices can easily and confidently navigate the expansive world of AI.

Safety & Reliability: While Coegil encourages innovation and exploration, it does so without compromising security. The platform is fortified with rigorous safety protocols, and features like dedicated instances further solidify data protection.

Scalable & Dynamic: Coegil’s flexibility means it grows with your business. From integrating state-of-the-art large language models to developing unique applications, Coegil’s versatility ensures it meets every AI-related need.

By offering a rich suite of AI tools in a collaborative, user-centric environment, Coegil guarantees businesses access to the transformative power of AI and the means to deploy it rapidly, securely, and effectively.

Does Coegil support building private Generative AI solutions such as a ChatGPT-like chatbot?

Absolutely! Coegil supports building Generative AI solutions like ChatGPT-style chatbots and enhances the experience by integrating state-of-the-art capabilities. Our platform seamlessly integrates Large Language Models (LLMs) from industry leaders such as OpenAI, Anthropic, and Hugging Face. To elevate your data security and reliability, we offer options to host private LLMs and avoid sharing your confidential data with 3rd-party providers. Coegil also allows you to fine-tune these LLMs for the most tailored and relevant responses using your company’s unique data sets.

Whether you’re aiming for advanced analytics, predictive modeling, or crafting an AI-driven chatbot with capabilities akin to ChatGPT, Coegil is your trusted partner. Our platform demystifies the complexities of AI, ensuring you can confidently harness the transformative power of Generative AI.

What inspired Coegil?

The inspiration for Coegil is rooted deeply in over 25 years of hands-on experience in systematic research and algorithmic execution. Our journey began on the bustling streets of Wall Street, where we honed our expertise working with some of the financial sector’s most demanding and esteemed institutions, including notable names like Bridgewater Associates, T Rowe Price, and UBS. During these decades, we had the privilege of witnessing and actively contributing to the evolution and application of AI in finance and beyond. Our team played instrumental roles in devising real-world AI solutions that, to this day, are utilized daily for high-impact, critical applications.

However, as we delved deeper into AI and its limitless potential, a consistent observation emerged: the vast chasm between top-tier data-driven firms like Citadel and Bridgewater Associates and those that lacked the resources or knowledge to harness the same AI power. We realized that this cutting-edge AI infrastructure, which played a pivotal role in the success of these elite institutions, could be a game-changer for numerous enterprises and small businesses.

This realization became our driving force. We envisioned Coegil as a platform where businesses, regardless of their size, could access the same AI infrastructure and tools that the industry giants benefit from. Our overarching aim? To level the playing field and empower every business to compete, innovate, and thrive in an increasingly data-driven world, using the robust, efficient AI capabilities we’ve mastered over our extensive career.

How does Coegil use my data to build custom AI solutions?

Coegil employs a sophisticated approach to harness your business data for creating customized AI solutions, including a ChatGPT-like chatbot. The process begins with you supplying pertinent business information. This could include documents, website content, spreadsheets, customer data, multimedia files, and other relevant materials.

This information is securely ingested into Coegil’s robust and privacy-centric cloud platform. Once inside, the platform smartly analyzes and assimilates this content to establish a knowledge base for your unique AI solutions. Armed with a detailed understanding of your business and customers, Coegil crafts a bespoke AI framework consisting of traditional machine-learning models and large language models. These models generate accurate and personalized responses, mirroring the capabilities of a ChatGPT-like chatbot. The models are securely housed within your Coegil account, accessible exclusively by your organization, thus safeguarding your critical data and intellectual property.

The resulting custom bot, deeply intertwined with your business operations, stands ready for deployment across various platforms – from your company’s website to diverse systems via an API. This ensures your AI solution is proficient in accurately responding to a broad spectrum of inquiries in a way that truly reflects your business ethos, thereby elevating the customer experience.

Is Coegil only best for financial firms?

While Coegil has a rich heritage rooted in crafting practical AI solutions for the fiercely competitive finance industry, our platform’s utility and robustness transcend industry boundaries. We’re proud of our finance roots, but Coegil is built for any data-driven company, irrespective of its industry niche.

For well-established companies of any size that are keen to harness the power of data and AI to turbocharge their operations, Coegil stands as an unrivaled partner. Whether you’re already data-driven and looking to expand on your AI capabilities or you’re taking your first steps towards embracing a data-centric approach, our platform offers all the tools you need to succeed and amplify your business results.

Moreover, Coegil is also an ideal choice for fledgling enterprises, such as startups. New businesses looking for a reliable, scalable, and future-proof AI foundation will find Coegil to be a perfect match. Our platform not only gives startups a head start by providing them with an advanced AI infrastructure from the get-go but also ensures they’re set on a path of sustainable growth and innovation.

In essence, while our origins are in finance, Coegil’s vision and capabilities cater to businesses across the spectrum, all united by the goal of leveraging AI’s transformative power.

What skills does my team need to use Coegil?

Utilizing Coegil doesn’t require your team to have advanced technical skills or in-depth knowledge of AI. We’ve carefully designed our platform to be user-friendly and accessible to all. This means that many operations, from loading data to performing complex queries and building sophisticated models, are either automated or available as one-click options.

With Coegil, your team can jumpstart your AI transformation journey without the steep learning curve commonly associated with advanced platforms. We’ve focused on creating intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use tools to ensure that your team can navigate and use Coegil effectively, regardless of their technical expertise.

Moreover, we understand that you may require guidance at various stages of your AI journey. For those times, we have a team of data engineering and science experts available to provide support. They can guide you through the ins and outs of our platform, helping your team use Coegil to its full potential.

In short, Coegil is made to simplify AI for everyone.

How secure is my data in Coegil?

Securing your data is a top priority at Coegil. We understand the critical role that data security plays in today’s digital landscape, and we have adopted numerous measures to ensure the utmost security of your information.

Here’s how we safeguard your information:

SOC2 Type II Certification: This certification attests that Coegil adheres to a strict set of standards designed to handle your data securely. You can be confident that we comply with the industry’s best practices for privacy and data protection.

Data Encryption: We have implemented high-level security measures where data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. This means whether your data is stored or being transferred, it is encoded and can only be accessed or decrypted by authorized parties.

Robust Self-Service Access Control: With Coegil, you have complete control over who can access your work. We have integrated robust self-service access control mechanisms that enable you to manage data accessibility effectively.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): We offer MFA as an additional security measure to protect your account. It requires users to verify their identity by providing two or more pieces of evidence, making unauthorized access more challenging.

Activity Monitoring and Provenance Tracking: Our platform keeps a comprehensive log of all activities, enabling you to track any data usage within the platform and spot any irregularities swiftly.

Flexible Data Storage Options: We accommodate specific data location requirements or preferences your organization may have. You can choose to keep your data within your organization’s cloud or on-premise storage.

Dedicated Instances: For those seeking added security and customization, we offer the option to get a dedicated instance of Coegil. This exclusive provision allows you to tailor the platform according to your specific needs and priorities, reinforcing the security measures according to your preferences.

Single Sign-On (SSO): For organizations with dedicated instances, we provide the option for Single Sign-On. This added feature allows users to access multiple applications using a single set of login credentials, enhancing security and user experience.

In conclusion, Coegil offers a highly secure environment for your data, allowing you to focus on unlocking the potential of AI for your business, knowing your data is well-protected.

How does Coegil help with my compliance requirements?

Coegil is designed with a robust compliance framework in mind that leverages four fundamental pillars: transparency, provenance & version control, objective measurements & decisions, and automation. These pillars, rooted in our extensive experience in the financial services industry, enable a comprehensive and dependable compliance solution.

Transparency: Coegil provides detailed tracking and reporting capabilities for all activities within an AI Lab. This ensures complete visibility into actions being performed, who is conducting those actions, and when those actions are taking place. It also gives insight into how various elements, such as datasets, models, and dashboards, are being used within the system. This enhanced transparency assists with various regulatory requirements and promotes trust in the system’s operations.

Provenance & Version Control: Coegil not only allows you to trace the complete history of creation, modification, inputs, outputs, and usage of AI outcomes, but it also ensures rigorous version control. This includes datasets, models, dashboards, micro-apps, and chatbots. With this feature, you can answer questions like: “What dataset was used to train a specific model?” or “Which model made a credit recommendation?”. You can also track how these elements have evolved over time, adding a further dimension to your understanding of the system. This level of provenance and version control is vital for ensuring your compliance needs are met, especially in regulated industries.

Objective Measurements & Decisions: Coegil allows users to define, build, and deploy heuristic and machine-learning models to identify abnormal behaviors and escalate those instances that require further investigation. By objectifying measurements and decisions, the system promotes fair and unbiased outcomes while aiding in auditability and regulatory compliance.

Automation: Coegil goes beyond manual monitoring by automating the process of monitoring and alerting for abnormal events. This means relevant company personnel are automatically notified when potential issues arise, reducing the chances of human error and allowing for prompt action. Automation in compliance helps streamline your processes and ensure you remain ahead of potential compliance issues.

With these pillars in place, Coegil can help you maintain a solid and robust compliance posture as you leverage the power of AI within your organization.

How can Coegil help me protect my data?

Coegil is committed to data protection and takes a multi-pronged approach to ensure the security of your data. This approach includes platform security, robust self-service access control, stringent compliance capabilities, and sophisticated suppression logic. Each of these pillars is detailed in separate FAQs, so we’ll focus on how Coegil helps you implement suppression logic to safeguard your data.

Automated Job Pipelines & Secure Datarooms: Coegil enables users to create automated job pipelines for ingesting data from both internal and external data sources. These data are transferred and securely stored in datarooms that maintain the highest levels of security, thus ensuring the protection of your data at all times.

Identification & Segregation of Sensitive Data: With Coegil, users can design pipelines that effectively identify and segregate sensitive data domains, fields, and specific values. Such pipelines are programmed to place protected data into hyper-secure datarooms, which are accessible only to your most trusted personnel. In this process, sensitive data is replaced with randomized, unique IDs, effectively obfuscating the information and preventing it from being shared without the necessary consent.

Secure Pipelines for Temporary Data Usage: In scenarios where sensitive data is required for analytical or modeling purposes, Coegil’s secure pipelines can temporarily use the data and then destroy it upon task completion. This feature ensures that no inadvertent data leakage occurs, further enhancing the protection of your data.

Compliance Tracking: All operations, including those related to suppression logic and sensitive data usage, are meticulously monitored using Coegil’s compliance tracking system. This system guarantees transparency, provenance, objective measurements, and decisions, fostering an environment of trust and security.

At Coegil, we recognize the importance of data security and have integrated state-of-the-art mechanisms to ensure your data is well protected, allowing you to focus on what matters most – extracting valuable insights from your data to make informed decisions.

Can Coegil integrate with my existing systems and data providers?

Coegil is designed with flexibility and integration at its core, ensuring a seamless workflow with your existing systems and data providers:

Vast Adapter Library: Coegil comes with built-in adapters to integrate with hundreds of applications and data providers. This extensive library reduces the time and effort required to connect your systems, providing a seamless data flow into Coegil.

Secure Access: Our platform uses API Keys to ensure secure access to your data and systems. This approach prioritizes your data security while enabling smooth integration.

Custom Adapters: Each business is unique, and you may use specific systems that require custom integration. With Coegil, you can build custom adapters within minutes, allowing you to connect any system or data provider swiftly and effortlessly.

Automated Data Ingestion and Processing: Once connected, Coegil can automate data ingestion and processing from your systems and data providers. This automation saves time, minimizes manual errors, and ensures your data science projects always have the latest data available.

In summary, with Coegil, integration with your existing systems and data providers is not only possible but also secure, easy, and efficient.

Do I need to be an AI expert to use Coegil?

Absolutely not. Coegil is designed to empower both AI experts and non-experts alike. Here’s how:

AI Accelerators: With Coegil, you get access to AI Accelerators. These are pre-configured, generative AI micro-apps and pre-trained machine learning solutions that provide immediate business value for semantic search, revenue forecasting, default prediction, and more. With these, you can start leveraging AI in your organization without needing a deep understanding of how to build and train models.

Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML): Building new models is made easy with our Auto-ML feature. This automates the process of model building, allowing anyone to create and deploy effective models without the need for deep technical expertise in AI.

Generative AI Bots: These bots simplify your interactions with your databases and assist you in writing custom models. They act as your AI companions, taking care of complex AI tasks while you focus on strategic decisions.

On-demand AI Experts: Whenever you face a challenge or have a question, our on-demand AI experts are ready to help. They can provide guidance, resolve issues, and even assist in building custom solutions.

With Coegil, you don’t need to be an AI expert to harness the power of AI for your organization. We’ve made the complex simple so you can focus on driving value and insights from your data.

How do I get started with Coegil and how do I subscribe to its service?

Starting your AI journey with Coegil is remarkably straightforward, and the process becomes even smoother when you begin with a foundation: some data, a clear idea of where AI can assist your business, and a genuine commitment to actively engage in the AI journey.

  1. Kickstart Your Account: Begin by creating an account on Coegil, which is as uncomplicated as signing up for a newspaper subscription. This quick step paves the way for the more exciting exploration ahead.
  2. Upload Your Data: Once your account is active, take the first tangible step in your AI expedition by uploading some of your data. Simply drop a spreadsheet into the Coegil datalake, and watch as our platform prepares it for further exploration.
  3. Discover and Model: With your data in place, tap into Coegil’s intuitive dashboarding capabilities and MLOps features. Explore patterns, insights, and intricacies in your data, then harness our platform’s power to produce your first predictive model.
  4. Reach Out for Assistance: If at any point you find yourself needing guidance or looking to expand the horizons of what you can achieve, our Coegil Solutions team is at the ready to assist. Their expertise can provide clarity and direction, ensuring you extract the utmost value from your data.
  5. Rapid Results: One of the standout features of Coegil is its efficiency. With our platform, you can expect AI-driven results in just 1-2 days. This remarkable turnaround is a sharp contrast to several other products where outcomes might take months to materialize.

Embarking on an AI journey with Coegil isn’t just about utilizing a platform; it’s about entering a partnership. Together, we ensure that the transformational potential of AI becomes a tangible reality for your business.

What solution services for AI does Coegil offer?

At Coegil, we understand that the journey to AI transformation can be complex. Many organizations may not possess the necessary expertise or resources to fully leverage the benefits of AI. Some may also hesitate to commit to long-term in-house AI expertise due to resource constraints. To address these challenges, Coegil provides comprehensive AI solution services to support organizations at every stage of their AI journey.

Data Engineering: Coegil offers the services of expert Data Engineers who can build and operate pipelines to ingest data from various sources, including datastores, data providers, and applications. They ensure a smooth flow and organization of your data to serve as a solid foundation for your AI initiatives.

Data Analysis: Our team of Data Analysts structure functional domain structures, carry out exploratory data analysis, build insightful dashboards, and closely collaborate with end-users. They delve deep into your data, uncovering patterns and insights that can drive more informed decision-making and strategy development.

Machine Learning Engineering: Coegil’s Machine Learning Engineers are skilled in defining, training, and deploying both traditional machine-learning models and cutting-edge Generative AI chatbots. Their expertise lies in creating AI solutions tailored to your unique business context and needs.

Flexible and Collaborative Approach: Coegil can provide these resources on an on-demand basis to fill short-term or immediate needs, as well as field a team of AI experts for long-term projects. Our specialists work hand in hand with your existing team to ensure seamless alignment with your requirements and timelines.

In sum, Coegil provides comprehensive AI solutions that cater to your organization’s unique needs. Our aim is to facilitate your AI transformation journey, whether you’re taking your first steps or looking to expand and optimize your current AI capabilities.

How much does Coegil cost?

Venturing into the world of AI can often come with a staggering price. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Individual AI Stack Costs: The individual products required by a comprehensive AI stack can run up monthly bills ranging from $20,000 to $50,000.
  • Integration & Installation Expenses: Securely integrating and installing this stack can often accrue costs surpassing $100,000.
  • Maintenance and Updates: To keep everything running smoothly, especially in terms of security, a dedicated team is paramount. Their responsibility? Ensuring the system is current with all updates, particularly vital security patches.
  • Yearly Costs: When you sum it all up, the annual total cost of ownership can soar beyond $450,000.

Now, let’s talk Coegil: Our platform is engineered to be both robust and economically efficient. Instead of grappling with the overwhelming initial expenses that can easily surpass $200,000, along with the continuous costs of upkeep and team management, Coegil offers the dynamism of a full-stack AI operating system for just a fraction of that price. Plus, the beauty of Coegil is in its simplicity—you can jumpstart your AI journey within moments, all without binding long-term commitments. It’s quality, cost-efficiency, and convenience all rolled into one.

We offer the following pricing models to meet a variety of budgets.

Professional edition: Perfect for small teams or solo users. This package offers the full array of Coegil features, including storage, machine learning, and classic dashboards, at a budget-friendly monthly fee.

Team edition: An ideal choice for mid-sized businesses with substantial data requirements. This plan brings in added capacity along with an innovative datalake with research management features, job automation, API access, and priority customer service.

Enterprise edition: Our premium single-user package, crafted specifically to cater to the vast needs of sizable businesses and corporate entities. This edition comprises enhanced capacity & usage discounts, Tableau dashboards, micro-app hosting, MLOps & GenAI chatbot accelerators, unwavering support, and much more.

AI Lab edition: This is the go-to for organizations aiming to promote collaborative efforts and AI asset sharing. Beyond the offerings of the Enterprise edition, this plan provides API accessibility, joint job processing and monitoring, track records of activities & origin, and the facility to integrate Coegil apps into third-party platforms like Salesforce. With multiple administrators for each AI Lab owned by the organization, accessing AI resources becomes a seamless, team-wide activity.

Dedicated Instance edition: This unique offering provides a single-tenant instance of Coegil, integrating all of our distinguished features. It caters to various needs:
  • Custom Cloud Integration: Teams looking to incorporate bespoke cloud products can seamlessly elevate their AI stack with this edition.
  • Startups & Product Development: Emergent startups focusing on product enhancement have the advantage of establishing their pioneering cloud infrastructure.
  • Robust Enterprise Security: Enterprises desiring advanced security can establish fortified measures like firewalls and initiate private links connecting their existing cloud infrastructure and on-premise data centers.

Our dynamic pricing models are purposefully designed to adapt and scale according to your business progression. For an exhaustive feature breakdown and to pinpoint the ideal plan tailored for your enterprise, we encourage you to schedule a free AI consultation.

What about Coegil's competition?

In today’s data-driven world, companies must possess a comprehensive AI stack to truly unlock the vast potential within their data. This stack goes beyond just storage; it encompasses essential components such as databases, intuitive charts & dashboards, cutting-edge machine learning, efficient job automation, seamless API integration, tailored custom application development, and the transformative power of generative AI.

However, the landscape for AI and data science products can be overwhelming. Although a host of providers exist, integrating these diverse products securely can be a daunting task. It demands not only a significant financial outlay but also the expertise to manage and maintain each of these tools separately.

Here is a brief list of competitors specializing in a specific AI segment:

  • AI appliances: ChartMogul, DealCloud, Outreach.io
  • AI/ML apps: OpenAI, Mosaic, Anthropic, Databricks, DataRobot
  • Advanced analytics: Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik
  • No-code apps: Zapier, Alteryx, Boomi
  • Cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Instead of navigating this complex maze, forward-thinking businesses have an alternative: adopt an all-in-one AI Operating System like Coegil. With Coegil, companies get a secure, reliable, user-friendly, and future-proof solution that brings together all the essential AI stack components under one roof, eliminating the need for piecemeal solutions and ensuring seamless operations.

While there are other players in the AI and data science platform space, Coegil sets itself apart in several key ways:

Holistic, Single-Platform Solution: Unlike other players that focus on siloed aspects of data science, Coegil provides a comprehensive, fully-integrated AI operating system. This removes the need for multiple tools, eliminating potential security vulnerabilities arising from multiple integrations and reducing the cost of training personnel on several different systems.

User-friendly Design: We’ve intentionally designed Coegil to be approachable, even for those who don’t have extensive technical skills or deep AI expertise. Its intuitive interfaces and straightforward tools, coupled with our data engineering and science experts’ support, ensure a smooth user experience.

Reliable Data Security: Our robust data security framework includes SOC2 Type II certification and compliance with industry-standard privacy and data protection protocols. Coegil empowers users with self-service access control mechanisms, vigilant activity monitoring, and provenance tracking to ensure the utmost security of your data.

Cost-Effective Solution: The costs of setting up an independent data infrastructure and assembling a data science team can be prohibitive and time-consuming. Coegil offers a feature-packed, cloud-based platform at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to get started instantly.

Exceptional Personalized Support: We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer support. We see ourselves as your partner in your AI transformation journey, providing personalized assistance and resources to help you succeed.

Opting for Coegil isn’t just choosing an AI platform; it’s choosing a dedicated partner committed to helping you harness the full potential of AI and data science for your business’s success.

Why do AI projects struggle or fail?

AI projects often fail to meet expectations due to a combination of factors that include:

Dispersed Data and Knowledge: AI projects require unified and well-structured data to function effectively. However, in many organizations, crucial data and knowledge are spread across various systems, departments, or even among individual team members. This dispersion can create challenges in aligning all necessary elements cohesively for the AI project, leading to inefficiencies and communication issues.

AI Expertise Gap: Successful AI implementation requires a unique mix of skills including data science, programming, and business acumen. Many organizations lack this blend of expertise, or the existing expertise is stretched thin across numerous projects. This gap often forms a significant hurdle, preventing the realization of AI’s potential benefits.

Protection of Intellectual Property and Customer Data: AI projects often involve sensitive and proprietary information. Ensuring robust data security, especially in heavily regulated industries or when dealing with complex AI system integrations, can be daunting. Failures in proper management can add to the project’s complexity and risk.

High Costs and Complexity: AI projects can be intricate, often requiring significant upfront investment and long-term commitment. The costs associated with data acquisition, preparation, model building, deployment, and maintenance can be prohibitively high. Coupled with the fact that benefits are often not immediate, organizations may face frustration and prematurely terminate the project.

Demand for Quick Results: In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need solutions that deliver swift results. Traditional AI projects can be slow to execute, leading to significant delays in reaping the benefits. This delay can result in companies lagging behind competitors or abandoning their AI initiatives prematurely.

By recognizing and proactively addressing these challenges, organizations can significantly enhance the probability of success in their AI projects.

How Coegil's improve value from my AI investment?

Here at Coegil, we believe that maximizing the value from your AI projects requires a strategic approach that builds on successes, learns from setbacks, and fosters continuous improvement. Here’s our suggested game plan:

Build a Clear AI Strategy: Start small, but think big. Initiate with a focused, manageable goal that resonates with your broader business objectives, then steadily expand based on your successes. As you see progress, your confidence in the AI system will grow, which will naturally lead to exploring further possibilities.

Nurture Reasonable Expectations of AI’s Value: AI isn’t a magic wand—it takes time and consistent efforts to unlock its true potential. It’s crucial to understand this and have realistic expectations. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your AI capabilities.

Invest in AI Talent and Leverage External Expertise: Your AI projects’ success heavily depends on the talents and skills available to you. Whether it’s upskilling your existing workforce or bringing in new AI specialists, investing in talent is essential. Additionally, partnering with trusted third-party services can bring invaluable insights from diverse projects and prevent you from stumbling over common obstacles.

Establish a Continuous Improvement Process: AI success doesn’t come in a one-and-done package. It’s about creating a process that iteratively improves, learns from mistakes, and evolves at an affordable cost.

Maintain Data Quality and Security: Your AI models are as good as the data they learn from. Start with lower quality or less sensitive data, gradually raising the bar as you see the value from your AI project. This way, you ensure the right balance between data quality, security, and the value derived.

Adopting these strategies, you’ll foster a robust and productive environment for your AI initiatives to thrive and deliver substantial value. And remember, we at Coegil are here to assist you every step of the way!

What if I'm dissatisfied?

You won’t be! At Coegil, we are fully committed to your satisfaction and success, but we also understand that our platform might not meet every customer’s unique needs. In such cases, rest assured that you’re not locked into a long-term commitment with us.

Unlike other platforms, Coegil stands out for its respect for customer autonomy. You have complete control over your data and code. At any time, you can export all your data and code without any hurdles. Our platform uses industry-standard tools, which means if you decide to migrate to another system, the transition will be smooth and seamless.

If you choose to deactivate your account, we’ve made the process simple and straightforward. Importantly, in adherence to our stringent privacy policy, we ensure that all your data and code are deleted from our servers after deactivation. We maintain this practice to prioritize your privacy and safeguard your information.

However, it’s important to note that our clients typically see significant benefits from using Coegil. Most experience a 10x improvement in productivity and savings that can exceed $100,000 in the first year alone. This is why we are confident that choosing Coegil is a decision you won’t regret and will indeed contribute to your business’s success.

What if I have more questions or want to learn more about Coegil?

Whether you’re new to Coegil or seeking advanced insights, our plethora of resources ensures that you’re never left in the dark about our AI, big data, and machine learning capabilities:

Chat with GenAI: For real-time assistance, spark up a conversation with our GenAI chatbot! Trained in our user guides, blogs, and other product materials, GenAI is here to provide instant, in-depth answers tailored to your queries.

Dive into Our FAQ: You’re already in the right place! This section is a treasure trove of information crafted to answer a wide spectrum of questions about Coegil’s functionalities and offerings.

Peruse Our Blogs: Our blogs are a must-read to get a pulse on the latest in AI and how Coegil is driving change in the fintech landscape. They’re packed with insights, updates, and expert takes on all things AI.

Review Our How-To-Guide: Specially curated for AI aficionados, our how-to guides delve deep into the technical facets of Coegil. Explore them to uncover the technical prowess our platform brings to the table.

Schedule a Personalized Chat: Nothing beats a direct conversation. Book a slot with us if you wish for a more personalized understanding of how Coegil can fit into your AI aspirations. We’re eager to discuss your unique requirements and how Coegil can become your go-to partner in AI transformation.

Our commitment is to ensure you’re equipped with all the knowledge needed to maximize Coegil’s potential. Whether you’re in the early exploration phase or ready to delve into nitty-gritty details, we’re here every step of the way.

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