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Coegil Quick Start Guide and Overview

In this video, Michael takes you through the Coegil Quick Start Guide.

How to change your email address and/or your password

The following video goes over how to change your email address and/or your password:

How to change your email addr and/or pwd

How do I login to the application?

There are two easy ways to login to the Coegil Application:
1. The first way is to visit the Coegil website @; once on the site click on the APP menu item and select LOGIN
2. The second way is to use the following URL

Video on Logging In


What is a Project?

Projects = Questions and/or Hypotheses

A Project can be a hypothesis you have about a decision you need to make. An example would be “I feel that the Fed will raise rates once more causing the economy to slow therefore markets will cool and long term bonds will rise.” Other examples are:
“Should I buy or lease a car?”
“Would the purchase of additional real property offset our taxable income?”
“Should I increase my bi-weekly contribution to my 401(k)?”

Video introduction to a Project


What is an Aspect?

What are Aspects? The video on Aspects walks you through what they are.

They are simply tags associated with Projects, Insights, and Assets within the Coegil Application. The reason we use the term Aspect instead of Tag is because we are trying to standardize the tags used within the application.


How to associate an Insight to a Project

This video goes over how to associate an insight with a project.

Associate an Insight to a Project

What is an Insight?

Insights = Your own or other’s observations and ideas

An Insight is a viewpoint on specific things. Insights will have 1 or more Assets associated with them for validation purposes. An example of an Insight is “The recent trade negotiations have allowed for lower tariffs for US Auto Manufacturers.”

Video on Insights and Assets


How to add an Asset to a Research Project

The following video shows you how to add an Asset to a Research Project.
Adding an Asset

What is an Asset?

Assets = Data Science = Reports, Articles, Charts, Datasets (provide inspiration for your idea)

An Asset is data science or a source of information. Examples of Assets are: a Web site, Dataset, Report, Chart and Articles. The contents of the Asset can be relevant to multiple Insights and Projects.

Video on Insights and Assets