Meet the Coegil GenAI Copilot!

Explore Coegil’s vast AI capabilities using our unique sales copilot, fully built with and hosted in Coegil, showcasing our GenAI expertise. It’s your go-to source to deepen your understanding of Coegil.

Whether it’s delving into product details, seeking swift guidance, or needing a blog overview, our AI Assistant is here to ensure your confidence in choosing Coegil as your AI partner. Experience the seamless blend of knowledge and advanced technology with Coegil’s GenAI Copilot!

Here are some great questions to ask: What is Coegil? Who are their competitors? Why choose Coegil?

A little heads up: The copilot may take a moment to load as we set up a private session for you. We are using OpenAI fee-based API in this demo, and they have experienced performance issues since early 2023. As of Jan 2024, OpenAI hasn’t resolved them. Good news…you can build copilots in Coegil using other better-performing LM providers. Thanks for your understanding, and happy exploring! 

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