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Find insights faster to propel your business

Organizations need to make accurate predictions, get deeper insights from their data, identify operational savings, and improve end-user outcomes to stay competitive. Machine learning is the best way to find actionable insights from data systematically. Yet this often requires hiring a team of data engineers and scientists.

Coegil allows you to leapfrog ahead of your competition in minutes. Our ML Lab helps you solve real-world business problems in any industry confidently. Build, train and deploy machine learning models fast from data in your secure data lake.

Application Integration and Data Processing

Turning raw data into actionable insights is easy with Coegil. We deliver end-to-end automation of the entire data processing workflow covering ingest, cleansing, and staging, accelerating data management.

Coegil delivers a suite of services that enable teams to rapidly integrate distributed systems, applications, and datastores with little to no code. We handle communication between 3rd-party applications, such as Salesforce, data providers, such as Crunchbase and Bloomberg, on-premiss databases, and other services in your technology ecosystem.

Coegil’s low-code, visual pipeline service allows business analysts and data engineers to build and rapidly deploy event-driven, fault-tolerant workflows with little to no code. Built-in checkpoints, try/catch, retry, exception handling, and logging automate any business process.

Challenges We Solve

Coegil’s automated machine learning (Auto-ML) libraries transform how AI is created and deployed. Produce accurate and robust models fast and transparently. Streamline monitoring model performance and adapt them to changing conditions.

  • Scalable, high performance, cost-effective infrastructure
  • Choice of best-in-class ML frameworks and libraries
  • Upskill your team with hands-on expertise
  • 10x improvement in data scientist productivity
  • Accelerate ML adoption in your organization