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Machine Learning with Coegil

Find Actionable Insights 10x Faster with Coegil

Organizations need to make accurate predictions, get deeper insights from their data, identify operational savings, and improve end-user outcomes to stay competitive. Machine learning is the best way to find actionable insights from data systematically. Yet this often requires hiring a team of data engineers and scientists.

Coegil allows you to leapfrog ahead of your competition in minutes. Our ML Lab helps you solve real-world business problems in any industry confidently. Build, train and deploy machine learning models fast from data in your secure data lake.

Build Trusted Predictions for Your Business

Empower decision-makers and business analysts to find insights 100x faster with automated feature engineering and machine learning (AML) tools. Efficiently build, validate, refine, and explore ML models to answer critical business questions confidently.

Coegil’s AML suite removes the manual effort to clean and transform features for machine learning so that you can jump-start your modeling efforts. Automatically detects high-quality features from your data in minutes using best-in-class algorithms such as xgBoost, ElasticNet, and more.

Satisfy internal protocols or external regulations with interpretable models that explain how a model operates and makes predictions to build trust and intuition.

Share your ML predictions across your organization by deploying results directly in your existing CRM, ecommerce system, and deal management system to uncover hidden signals and important relationships in your data.

Maintain the Quality of Your AI Predictions

Your machine learning models can quickly degrade in quality as the world changes, making them inaccurate and producing unreliable predictions. These liabilities introduce risk to your operations and undermine trust from stakeholders. Every team must manage and assess model quality across their entire lifecycle to diagnose and maintain model performance.

Coegil provides an integrated development-operations solution to move trained models seamlessly from development to production. Continuous monitoring and diagnostics help you avoid surprises in model performance and highlight when to retrain or deprecate poor-performing models.

Intelligent Augmentation of Your Teams

Intelligent Augmentation (IA) is a cornerstone of Coegil’s AI philosophy. IA marries the best attributes of human-based intelligence, which includes intuition, experience, and out-of-the-box thinking, with machine-based intelligence, which involves efficiently working with large amounts of data and executing repetitive tasks flawlessly.

Coegil makes ML behavior approachable to end users new to data science. Deploying datasets, dashboards, and ML predictions into existing in-house applications eliminates the painful learning curve. Built-in AI micro-apps place the power of AI directly in decision-makers’ hands without requiring any coding. This capability makes it easy for end-users to augment and test their decisions with data-driven predictions.

Your AI Partner

Coegil’s automated machine learning (Auto-ML) libraries transform how AI is created and deployed. Produce accurate and robust models fast and transparently. Streamline monitoring model performance and adapt them to changing conditions.

  • Scalable, high performance, cost-effective infrastructure
  • Choice of best-in-class ML frameworks and libraries
  • Upskill your team with hands-on expertise
  • 10x improvement in data scientist productivity
  • Accelerate ML adoption in your organization