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The Powerful Features You Need Built on a Solid Technology Foundation



Coegil’s easy-to-use client interface allows you capture your ideas as well as search for the data and research you want, on your terms. For the first time, you are placed in the driver’s seat of research.

How it Works


Alternative data and research help turn insights into action. Our proprietary algorithms connect you to data and research providers quickly, allowing you to make confident purchases that provide ROI.

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Get access to alternative data and research with near zero latency. Coegil’s data and research products are indexed, easily searchable, and quickly delivered to turbo-charge your decision-making process.

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Coegil takes securing your insights and intellectual property as a trust that cannot be broken. Our repositories provide a safe environment to collaborate on your insights, and you can rest assured that every access and modification to your inventory is recorded and tracked.

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Transparency is key to making great decisions. Coegil is built on a backbone of blockchain technology to ensure clarity and security while protecting the confidentiality of market participants. Our blockchain interface allows independent verification of your research by your compliance and audit departments.

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Lost in a Sea of Data

The amount of data in the world, and the tools to access it, continue to grow at unprecedented rates. For decision makers, success comes from efficiently and effectively navigating this endless sea of information.

As a decision maker, you remain burdened by solutions that do not fit your way of working, or do not provide you with access to the research you need quickly enough to make high-confidence decisions.

Ultimately, decision makers are accountable for generating a return on their data science investment. Are you?

Coegil Simplifies the Journey

Coegil solves these problems with a solution purpose-built for decision makers who require speed and insight. You can now participate directly in the research process surrounded by both the research you need and the expertise to easily extract its value. In addition, you’ll find it easier to build upon work that you’ve already done or research created by others, continually compounding the value provided by past efforts.

As the only platform to combine the research goods you need and the data science expertise to make use of those goods all in one easily searchable marketplace, Coegil makes consistent, high-confidence decisions a possibility.

And, with security and transparency woven into our foundation, you can rest assured that your decisions are built upon the highest standards.

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