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Personal Data Lake & Data Science Pipeline in seconds

With 1-Click Processing, make your multi-tab spreadsheets & petabyte datasets ready for your analytical tools with our Data Science pipeline. 

Execute R or Python code against your distributed datastores with a single button click.

Our safeguards protect your valuable research

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Research Workbench to author with depth

Staying organized is simple with powerful folders and tags. Upload petabyte dataset, sheets, research reports & more.

An innovative way to stay organized and make an immediate impact on decision-makers.

Produce bespoke research with ease and get recognized for your great work.

Your research is worth it

Stay up to date with your content stream

Publish your research in real-time and inspire your team. Be untethered & do everything that matters from any device.

Coegil Stream places new & updated research at your fingertips in real-time.

Give your research that WOW-factor with a modern look

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Collaborate with your team

Get feedback immediately & streamline your review process. Group chats, direct messages, & shared bulletin boards designed to fit your collaborating style.

Store your notes alongside your research to save time and stay organized.

Collaborate when inspiration strikes and stay in the loop

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AI-Driven Compliance

You control access to your precious research – no tech support required! Know the provenance of your research with confidence. 

Stop wasting time filling out broker vote and inducement questionnaires.

Comprehensive audit tracking where all activity and messages are captured & encrypted.

We take care of your compliance needs for you

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Research Marketplace

Quickly find research that matches your research themes. Machine-learning algos give you an objective measure of quality before and after a purchase.

Pay with a credit card, bank transfer, or use your CSA and RPA accounts.

Selling your research has never been easier. Our market making features help you competitively price your products.

Transactions are just a button click away

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Security at Coegil

You are trusting us with some of your most valuable assets – your ideas and research.  We take this responsibility seriously.

Our whitepaper discusses the ways in which we secure your intellectual property using best-in-class, industry-hardened solutions and practices.

Security is a first-class citizen at Coegil

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Seeing is Believing!

You can get started in less than five minutes with our intuitive design.  See Coegil in action to reveal how you can start Making Great Decision Today.

Learn how Coegil gives you a modern solution

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