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Build Your Models

Effortlessly build models with machine-learning environments optimized for your needs.

Eliminate time wasted automating your routine data science results and fusing your models into your business.

Use Python, R, PySpark, PyTorch, AWS Sagemaker & more from your desktop or tablet device.

Get solutions only available for sophisticated investors

Explore Your Results

Turn your spreadsheets into a relational datastore with a button click. Or load your petabytes dataset into RDS, Athena, Redshift or Timestream.

Use Coegil’s API to interact with your data right from your machine learning notebook.

Stop wasting time on your data infrastructure

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Organize Your Research

Easy access to all your content from any device to supercharge your research.

Secure your research with Coegil’s intuitive access management.

Spreadsheets, documents, datasets, notebooks, query files, datastores – all stored together in one place.

Staying organized has never been easier

Turn Insights into Action

Quickly produce research that has a direct impact for your customers and make it easy for them to use.

Isolate your insights, predictions & recommendations making it easy for decision-makers to take action.

Research designed for decision-makers

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Oversee Your Research

Effortlessly give feedback & streamline your research process.

Email, group chats, direct messages, & shared bulletin boards designed to fit every collaboration style.

Store your notes alongside your research to save time and stay organized.

Make data science pay off

Stay Up To Date

Real-time updates sent to your personalized stream to inspire your team.

Be untethered & do everything that matters from any device.

Never miss an investment opportunity

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Coegil Drive

Familiar with other cloud sync solutions? Then Coegil Drive fits right in.

Save time uploading & accessing your research from any authorized desktop computer.

Syncing makes research even easier

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Stay Compliant

Be confident your data, communications, and reputation are always secure, trusted, and SEC-compliant.

Use our activity stream & data science tools to monitor your activity.

Making compliance your research partner

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Get a Head Start

Find the data & machine-learning expertise you need in seconds and stop wasting time starting from scratch.

Remove the time wasted in lengthy contract negotiations and know your data & code are always protected.

Have the convenience to pay by credit card, bank debit, or use your CSA/RPA accounts.

Find your next insight

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