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Our Story

Once upon a time, a seasoned decision-maker was building a proposal needing more than his intuition to convince his investors.

He was alone late at night wrestling with his dataset. Excel wasn’t working, and the frustration of the coming all-nighter set in.

“Why is it so hard to get data science help without spending a fortune?” he wondered. He knew other successful investment firms had it.

He imagined the returns he could generate if only he had their tools.

He thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could do machine-learning myself or get someone to do it for me – all from a button-click for non-insane prices.”

From that, Coegil was born.

Our Principles

Lost in a Sea of Data

The amount of data in the world, and the tools to access it, continues to grow at unprecedented rates. For decision-makers, success comes from efficiently and effectively navigating this endless sea of information.

As a decision maker, you remain burdened by solutions that do not fit your way of working or do not provide you with access to the research you need quickly enough to make high-confidence decisions.

Ultimately, decision-makers are accountable for generating a return on their data science investment. Are you?

Coegil Simplifies the Journey

Coegil is a solution purpose-built to solve these problems for decision-makers who require speed and insight. You can now participate directly in the research process surrounded by both the research you need and the expertise to easily extract its value. In addition, you’ll find it easier to build upon work that you’ve already done or research others have created, continually compounding the value of past efforts.

As the only platform to combine the research goods you need and the data science expertise to make use of those goods all in one easily searchable marketplace, Coegil makes consistent, high-confidence decisions possible.

And, with security and transparency weaved into our foundation, you can rest assured that your decisions are built upon the highest standards.

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The Story of Coegil

Created to solve a problem, and built by a passionate team,
Coegil has evolved from over 25 years of decision-making experience in
the financial markets into the decision-science platform it is today.

Jul 2018


Mar 2018

Beta released

Aug 2019

Official Product launch

Jan 2020

Data Science as a Service launch