Data Wrangling is Stopping You!

Organizations have lots of data in spreadsheets, data warehouses, 3rd party systems, log files, documents, and more. This data is disconnected and is increasingly more difficult to use.



Users don’t think in bit and bytes. Instead, they think in terms of their business, want to ask questions of data, and get answers that produce an impact on a day-to-day basis.



A successful data science project has to overcome these challenges.

Why data science projects fail?

Turning data into a competitive advantage takes great tech and industry know-how, capabilities you may lack. Yet most initiatives never kick-off and over 60% of projects fail when they do.

Some folks find out too late that early platform choices lead to inflexible data foundations. Others never embark on a data science transformation due to the high costs to stand up a data infrastructure and stage their data. Our experience shows us that these failures are born from a set of problems faced by all data science projects.

Problem - Big Data and the Cloud

Projects typically start by building a custom data foundation built on over-powered big data tools. Big data and cloud solutions are complex to set up and costly to operate. They are often incomplete, require multiple vendor selections, and leave you gluing everything together. These choices produce significant up-front costs, result in future integration and scalability challenges, and cause clients to unknowingly make long-term financial commitments.

Problem - Separation of Data and Logic

You produce data at exponential rates and you put it to use in multiple systems. Thus, the data and the business logic ecosystem can evolve rapidly in unexpected ways. The value of data falls dramatically when business logic is managed separately. Enterprise capabilities such as data mastering, access control, provenance tracking, versioning, and publishing are needed to keep data and logic in sync.

Problem - Lack of Collaboration

Data and data science have a mission to empower end-users, C-level executives, department heads, to make smarter, faster decisions. Most solutions are built for the data scientist and make it difficult or are overwhelming for end-users to collaborate. Expertise and buy-in are often lost when business users cannot truly participate in the iterative research process.

Problem - Pretty Dashboards ≠ Impact

Many projects culminate in pretty charts targeted to specific, in-the-moment questions. Unfortunately, the business is rapidly evolving and the value from the large investment in customized dashboards decays quickly. You need data and analytics to impact how they work by integrating directly into existing systems and workflows.

Coegil Difference

Client Journey Reimagined

Instead of placing success at the end of a six-month effort, Coegil lets you realize value from your data by eliminating the up-front costs, long-term commitments, and expertise gaps that sabotage most data science initiatives. Coegil provides flexible access to data assets, empowers users with varying technical skills to work meaningfully with data, and collaborate in ways that adapt naturally.

Inspire Confidence

Make it easy for you to explore your data by reducing the up-front costs of a proof-of-concept and nurture end-user engagement by keeping your team focused on business goals, not technical problems. Demonstrate value in days rather than months.

Let Coegil work with you to get your data prepared for your first project so you focus on the fun stuff.

Data = Competitive Advantage

Eliminate the tradeoff between stability and agility that sabotage data-driven projects by giving you an integrated suite of best-in-class data tools.

Build workspaces keeping data and logic together alongside your machine learning models and dashboards.

Automate deployment so your team has the latest results.

Let Coegil's in-app support break any data boulders in your way.

Operationalize Impact

Coegil revolutionizes the way teams build and deploy data science by embedding data into daily operations in minutes.

Confidently transition work from the lab into production and safely do it as scale. Ensure your data science projects are making a business impact.

When ready, migrate to a dedicated instance to add other cloud-based tools all accessible from our inviting interface.

Data Science Made Easy

Coegil lets you realize immediate value from your data. Be confident you making smart foundational choices with the assurance you can pivot at any time.


Never let cloud provisioning, data wrangling, or support slow you down.


Empower your organization to use data to make a positive business impact.

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